18th century ship found under WTC

During the cleanup after the twintowers, something odd where found beneath the remains of World Trade Center. About 20 feet below the street a shipwreck from the 18th century was found. Nobody knows why the ship came to that location, And nobody can identify the type of the ship, its a design on the ship that hasen´t been seen before.

The people conducting the dig and making sure that everything is done right are no amatures or strangers to the work they have to do, they where those who did the work whith ships as Monitor, CSS Alabama and a couple of other ships.

But what could be told from a old ship?

Whell first of all the wood can tell us a couple of things, first what kind of wood it is, if it is a rare tree it could narrow the search down.
And also give the answer to where the tree come from.

There is also something called woodworms, which is in many diffrent species across the world, some of them lives in diffrent parts of the ocean which can give clues in what way the ship have travelled. if you could find the some of the route for the ship maybe you even could find out which ports the ship visited when it was at sea.

But one intresting question would still remain after all this….

How did it end up beneath World Trade Center ?

I do hope there is going to be som good answers to this, for historians it´s a great puzzle.