23 000 fileshares will be revealed

A U.S judge has given the go ahead sign which means that 23 000 persons that have downloaded a particular film would be identified.

Behind one of the largest operations in U.S history stands the
assciation Copyright Group, acording to the magazine Wired.
They have gone to court to get a judge to approve them the 23 000 persons that have downloaded the Sylvester Stallone movie Expendables.

Its not told how the group chooses to move on whit these new informations. But in general the invidual user could be told about the disclosure.

They may also be fined up to 150,000 dollars for each copyright infrigement, acording to Wired.

The number of Ip adresses is 23 322. The list contains of mainly U.S operators such as Comcast, Verizon and Earthlink.

There is a list of the Ip adress that has been publiced.

Update : 2011-08-05

It seemed to be an open and shut case but now its said that almost 23.000 persons may not be revealed and would also walk free.

It seems that 99% of these 23 000 persons does not live inside the state of Columbia which means that the judge dosent have jurisdiction over persons that dosent live in the state.

The judge has now asked the plaintiff (NU Image) to find out who lives in the state. The prosecution of the others will be dropped.