5 Free things to do in San Francisco

When you are out traveling you will need to save money to afford make what you want to do. So i have made a list over 5 free places to visit while visiting San Francisco.

1) The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate is one of the top attractions for tourists. You could very easy get to the bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is the only landmark that belongs to San Francisco only.

2) Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate park is larger then New York´s central park and there is so much to do and see in the Golden Gate Park.

3) Cable Car Museum

Kids of all ages will find this intresting. The museum offers a great deal of education and excitment for the whole family.

4) Walking tours of San Francisco

The walkning tours of the city is free, informative and entertaining. Learn about the citys history and the great people who have lived in the city.

5) San Francisco Fire Department Museum

For all those that wanted to be a firefighter when we grow up, this museum takes care of that intresst.

It´s not just a historical references and artifacts, but its really cool to se how the firefighting has been developing through the years.