5 ways to get the noble price

1) Be born as a man

During the last 100 years the price has been awarded to 38 women and 723 men.

2) Study nature

3) Do your study and research in US

Researchers from US are most represented in static, 235 has recived the price the last 100 years. Of 10 most distinguist university in the world nine are American. Harvard have recived 24 Nobelprices.

4) Study whit smart pals.

Many prices, in particullary whit medicine and fysiks are beeing shared between several persons.
The medicineprice is 38 price that is given to the recipiants.

5) Read Selma Lagerlöf

Acordning to the statistic from the nobleprice homepage several of the vinners says that they have read other pricewinners, in particullar Selma LAgerlöf.