Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant was the coffin where the stone tablets whit the ten commandments were kept during the Israelits wandering in the deserts, before they arived in the promised land.
Acording to the storie it was made of gold covered whit Acacia wood and the lid fitted whit two guards in the form of winged cherubs.

The ark is belived to have possessed magial powers, which could have produced both bad and good.

When King Solomon built the first Jewish temple he placed the ark in the sanctuary.

Where have people searched?

Researchers have searched beneth the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, but to do that you need permison from the Muslim Council, which is controlling the site and that is not easy to get.
They have also searched on other places in Jerusalem. The search has also brought researchers to Ethiopia.

Would it exist today?

It´s most likely that the ark was destroyed during one of all the attack on Jerusalem, and the best that could be found, if nothing, pieces of the ark.
Acording to rumors The ark would have been buried in Oak Island