Ryanair in fight whit a 12 year old over a violin

When the Rijks family would fly home from Dusseldorf to Manchester everything went wrong. The daughter in the family Francesca Rijks, 12 years old, had a violin case as hand luggage. But according to Ryanair staff it wasn´t allowed since it took up a seat, and wanted to place it in the baggage compartment. In the baggage compartment it would have been destroyed by the cold temprature and air pressure.

So the family got of the plane to buy a new ticket for the violin case, but the que for the ticket counter was long and by the time they had reached the counter, the plane had already taken off.

It ended up that we flew Easyjet home and then we took with us fiddle as hand luggage without any problems

says Harmen Rijks

But Ryanairs spokesperson Stephen McNamara dosen´t belive the story

All Ryanair staff are fully aware of our baggage policy. Therefore, we are sure that he never received the green light to get to bring this different luggage on board our plane