The Nazi gold

During the war, the Nazis collected much gold and other treasures but after the war, much of the gold has gone missing.

The gold was removed from the bank in Berlin, to a barrack in the Alps, the gold was the hidden on the mountain Steinriegel. The allied then got their hands on the responsible and found over 700 goldbar.

But some researchers claims that there could be so much as three tons missing.

Where has it been searched?

Treasurehunters has been searching on Steinriegelmountain and the surrondings, litle now and then repports have come that
gold has been found, enough to keep the intrest alive.

Could it bee found?

It´s for certain that the nazigold have existed and there is always chanses to find more. Besides Steinriegel its belived that its been hidden in several lakes or in the pacific.