Adventurers want to reach the bottom of the world’s oceans

Richard Branson wants to dive into the world’s five most inaccessible deep sea graves in a special submarine.

Billionaire and the man behind the Virgin conglomerate, Richard Branson, is known to spend a lot of money on adventures on land, on water, air and in space. Now he wants to explore world’s deepest ocean in a submarine for one person.
Branson’s specially designed submarine ”Deep Flight Challenger” will visit the five most inaccessible deep sea graves in the world’s oceans. On the way to a video camera documenting how ecosystems will change, when the submarine is deeper. The first expedition departs later this year, eleven kilometers down to the bottom of the world’s deepest grave, Mariana Trench in the Pacific. This allows Richard Branson partner Chris Welsh as a pilot, while Branson himself will steer the submarine on the other skills.
Submarine to explore the bottom
Only once before has a manned craft has taken all the way down to the Mariana Trench bottom. It was 1960, when two men were drowned in a special submarine, called batyskaf. The new submarine is not just down and up again, but also explore the surroundings on a ten-kilometer stretch along the bottom of the grave.

In addition to the manned submarine, a series of remote-controlled robots to collect samples in order to, inter alia, to identify the microorganisms that live on the seabed. A total of seven researchers from various institutions associated with the project.
Later, Puerto Rico The tomb, the only Atlantic deep-sea burial, in turn. Where is Branson take more than five miles down into the depths. Then follows the deepest tombs of the Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean.

Richard Branson likes adventurous expeditions. This time wearing it down in the depths of ”Deep Flight Challenger” in a manner reminiscent of an airplane.
The 3.6-ton ”Deep Flight Challenger” has a hull made of carbon fiber and titanium and a dome of quartz glass, so that båtstyraren have great views. The strong material makes the submarine is at the enormous pressure of 1100 kilograms per square centimeter at sea. It can stay in the u-mode for 24 hours straight and move to 5.5 kilometers per hour.
The vessel is designed so that it automatically rises to the surface, if not constantly moving forward. It appears at an angle of up to 45 degrees and can reach 100 meters further down per minute. A 38-meter catamaran will take the submarine to the destination.