Aristoteles writings

Those writings that exists today from Aristoteles is just around 1/5 of what he did write,

After Aristoteles died he´s writings where left to he´s successor Teofrastos, but since he died they where keept in decades in a moisty basement in Turkey.
Then they traveled from Turkey to Athen and then to Rome, where they where sold to a booklover from Rhodos who collected them and the produced those writings we know of today.

But on the way many of the papers dissaperd, researchers belives that just 20 procent of Aristoteles work is remaining today.

Where have people searched?

Researchers have been searching in old piles of trash south of Kairo, where Aristoteles piece ”Athens konstitution” was discoverd in 1879 but after that no mer has been found there.

Could it be found today?

It´s not impossible that even more work of Aristoteles shows up

For example could it be stored in several places in Mideast, in monestery ruins and other similar places.