One of the old stories that never wil die is the story of Atlantis. The kingdom that vanished in the sea, first named by Platon but has never been proven to exist in history. Many researchers has been trying to locate Atlantis and even placed it in several parts of the world. But no one has succeded so far.
Several suggestions has been placing Atlantis in Spain, to the west outside Gibraltar. But also Irland has been sugested as a place for Atlantis. The old Swedish researcher Olof Rudebeck (The older) was argumenting that Atlantis was the same as Sweden, but his argument was filled whit problems and faults

But the true story is that most lilkely Atlantis never existed.

But could Atlantis anyway have been existing?

A finding of strange lines in Google Earth, sparkeld the theories, It was west of the Caribians that a rectangular area with lines
. The problem was that they where so straight that it couldnt been done by nature but from humans, even researchers was suprised over the pictures
Google claims that it was made whit one of the tools that they use to collect data

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