Auction : Lee Harvey Oswald´s coffin

The coffin that Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged murder of John F Kennedy was burried in has gone under the hammer of a auction house in Los Angeles. The pine coffin that is water damaged spent 18 years in the ground whit Oswald before his body where exumed in 1981 due to rumors that it wasn´t Oswald that lied burried but instead a look alike russian agent. The body was confirmed as Oswald and he was reburied in another casket and the original casket is now up for auction.

We’ve already had a lot of interest

Says Nate D Sanders, auction house manager Laura Yntema and added

This is the first time it’s ever been on the market.

Oswald was charged whit killing JFK on November 22 1963, but was himself shot and killed on the 24th of November 1963 by Jack Ruby.