Beach Boys

Beach Boys was a american musicgroup formed in 1961 in Hawthome. The group was from the begining composed by the brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl wilson and their cousin Mike Love and their friend Al Jardine, They where managed by Wilson´s father Murry.

Beach Boys is one of the most famous groups of the 1960, but luck would soon end, when Dennis Wilson died from drowning in 1983 when he tried to recover items he had previously thrown overboard in rage. But despite the death of Dennis, The Beach Boys continued to perform. In 1997 Carl Wilson traveled and performed whit the band even though he was sick whit lung and brain cancer after years of smoking. After a long battle whit cancer Carl died on February 6th 1988.

In 2004 Brian Wilson got the question if Beach Boys would reunite in the future

Whitout Carl it wont be like before, and i don´t get along whit Mike Love. He is too cool, just want to do his thing

But now there are news about Beach Boys celebrates their 50 year aneversery whit a new tour, a new box which will tell the story of their carrer and even some new music.

As a human you are not worse then that you could change your desicions, we have cleared the air and everyone looks forward to a wonderfull tour

Says Brian Wilson

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