Best burgers in New York

The fight over who fix New York’s best hamburger is tougher than ever. New flavor combinations are popping up daily. Burger kobe beef or turkey burger topped with pastrami, foie gras, avocados, bean sprouts … But to really qualify as a serious contender must now bring raw materials in the center. Fresh ingredients, quality is everything we’ve been looking out seven of the best burger places in New York – from the grill!

1 A bare burger

Sustainable burgers
The right new place in a newly-trendy, multi-ethnic part of Queens. For brave souls rather than hamburger traditionalists. The menu is organic, eco-friendly interior. Beef, turkey, grilled chicken, Cajun chicken, lamb, ostrich, bison, elk, and portobello mushrooms vego can be combined with 14 burger styles and added between busfärsk brioche, sjufullkornsbröd, wraps or iceberg leaves for the chasing carbohydrates.
Giant bare burger supreme is a tower of rich, grill pleasure with skinny Piedmont steak under a blanket of melted Monterey Jack cheese, äppelträrökt bacon, lettuce, tomato, sauce and onion rings breaded in fluffy Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) between buttery toasted brioche.
Another big shot is faster lamb burger with caramelized onions, cucumber and mint yogurt to balance the meat must.
A third hit is ruby burger including pastrami and sauerkraut.
All require a big appetite, so we shared a basket of fresh-cut fries with sea salt and skin still attached for added flavor. Dip them in curry ketchup or orange and ginger mayonnaise. Wolavers Organic Brown Ale is good for.
Bare Burger, 3321 31st Ave at 34th St, Astoria, Burgers from $ 8.50, beer from $ 4.

Bare Burger. A reason as good as any to go out to Queens.

2 Genesis Restaurant & Bar

Doldis in nice neighborhoods
Irish pub, sports and afterworkbar cherry wood popular among neighborhood residents for their tasty burgers, but for most New Yorkers, and certainly for tourists, a secret on the Upper East Side. Burgers, made from Black Angus, is juicy, richly trimmed, and so large that two can share if you’re not starving. All served with lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickles and excellent, homemade seasoned fries.
My husband’s favorite is the gaelic burger with cheddar, Irish bacon and fried onions. I skip the bacon and choose a model with sharp cheddar.
Other great toppings are chorizo, blue cheese and jalapeños. Also try the turkey burger, smoky kick of chipotle-mayonnaise. Resisting tranbärsmartinin or vattenmelonsmargaritan is hard! Monday’s burger night offers burgers to the unit price nine U.S. dollars.
Genesis Restaurant & Bar, 1708 2nd Ave at 89th, Burgers from $ 9, today’s draft beer $ 5.

Genesis has – apart from eminent burgers – super tasty cocktails.

3 Island Burger & Shakes

Hell burger
A hangout beloved of hardcore burger fans long before Hell’s Kitchen (near the theater district), it became mateldorado it is today. Safely walk past the many ”Syltan« avtorkbara with red and yellow table, vinyl couches, old advertising signs, colored rislampor and surfboards painted on the walls. Not chic, but charming.
Both burgers in itself and the selection is massive. A favorite is Bourbon Street, a taste explosion with bacon, onions, Cajun mayo and jack cheese between slices sourdough brand new. My husband, who like heat, gobbling a napalm with cheddar, the sting of habanerosås and jalapeñoskivor and cool themselves with everyday beer is Bud Light.
In addition to sourdough are pita, rye and ciabatta. Long as there were no French fries, but now also offers Burga’s best friend. I prefer the delicate chips, such as salt and vinegar. Shaksen are fresh, uber thick and oh so good.
Island Burger & Shakes, 766 9th Ave between 51 & 52nd St., Burgers from $ 8, beer from $ 4.

Island Burger & Shakes – insignificant local, awesome burgers.

4 Corner Bistro

Tröstmat after midnight
On a corner in the West Village, this mysmurriga restaurant with soft lighting, smårepiga wooden boat, good jukebox, many regulars, excellent, classic burgers, cheap beer and real Big Apple atmospheres. Are you really hungry, try the bistro burger, the ”big guy FREQUENCY ’favorite: 230 grams exquisitely powerful and tender biffärs with bacon, American cheese, raw onions, lettuce and tomato.
Traditional tröstmat served on paper plates, for the wonderfully messy it gets. Juices must be mopped up with the soft bread. Fries are thin and crunchy.
Want to avoid the weekend and after work crowd, come on a weekday afternoon or grub to the hotel: take away is humane quickly. Waiting at the bar with a glass of the legendary New York beer McSorley’s as a pet is not a nuisance. Open until 4:00. Perfect for an evening.
Corner Bistro, 331 W. 4th St. at Jane St., Burgers from $ 5.75, beer from $ 2.50.

Corner Bistro, trendy eatery in the West Village.

5 Shake Shack

Popular favorites
Gourmet Snack bar that has become the city’s inalienable hamburger hang. Here are some 1 000 unpretentious, perfectly grilled burgers every day – for mini prices! The favorite, shackburger, topped with crisp lettuce, onion, tomato and melted cheese oozing out of an airy bread and picks up the house mayonnaise sauce.
Ground meat is ground on site, all cooked to order. The low-fat fries are the thick, embossed variety, crisp with good bite. Cheese fries should not be missed, like portobello burger, which is among the best non-meat burgers I have eaten.
Wash the glory with a Shackmeister ales or indulge in a peanut butter shake. Glass creations here is a sensation. The chain is growing, but the original in Madison Square Park will remain public magnet: burgers taste even better at the park tables. Keep track of sex via webcam homepage!
Shake Shack, Madison Square Park, 23rd St. & Madison Ave, Burgers from $ 3.50, beer from $ 4.50.

Gourmet Kitchen Street Shake Shack at several places in town.

6 Land

Mini burgers with onions
BBQ aroma entices us into this new, long, narrow room in the bustling East Village, including graffiti, tattoo and t-shirt shops. Warm atmosphere, hearty breakfast bar and fun mural showing local celebrities and artists. We serve only ”sliders”, mini-burgers (about 60 grams) which has become trendy in recent years. A thin färsbit placed on a high onions on the grill. Order a regular or bacon suffering. Both have lovely melted cheese, robust beef flavor of the house freshly ground färsmix from mästarslaktaren Pat LaFrieda, almost creamy onion and the right balance between meat and the bread is square, which reacts with the salty, caramelized flavors.
Baconslidern nibble of bacon chopped into mince. For me last two sliders, spouse requires three. Even the slender fries are a hit. Drink sixpoint beer or Guinness-shake to – Ireland’s national drink mixed with ice cream is yummy!
Mark, 33 St.. Marks Place on 2nd Ave, Slider from $ 2, draft beer $ 4.

7 The Burger Joint

Old-fashioned in four star hotels
Behind heavy curtains and a small neon sign in the Le Parker Meridien luxurious lobby lies the city’s least well preserved, but the juiciest secret: a retro temple hamburgerkonnässörer with fuskträpaneler, vinylbås, movie posters, sports photos, names carved on the walls. Businessmen, tourists, celebrities, gourmets and gluttons pilgrims here in the confidence that the burgers are always worth a little waiting in line and fight for a table. Ordering over the counter, only hamburgers or cheeseburgers of high-quality beef, hearty but not super thick, juicy with a nice greasy and distinctive barbecue flavor. On top you get lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise (all, some or none).
Cheeseburger has a rich taste of two kinds of cheddar. The bread, lightly toasted over the grill flame, are fluffy inside. The moderately salted fries-rods in pappåse and a carafe of cheap draft beer complete the enjoyment. Only cash.
The Burger Joint, Le Parker Meridien, 119 W. 56th St. at 6th Ave, Burgers from $ 7, beer $ 5.

Worth queuing to get a table at the popular The Burger Joint.

Prepare your own accessories

Hamburger with mustard dressing
Finished American hambur-gerdressing in tubes are great, but if you fancy a little less sweet, less ketchup tasting and more adult dressing with bite, do it yourself. Here is a favorite, a mayonnaise flavored with French Dijon mustard.
For 4 burgers
3 egg yolks 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar 3 cup sunflower or corn oil salt black pepper

Follow these steps:
Let the eggs at room temperature one hour before you use them. Crack the eggs, pour off the whites and yolks saving in a bowl. Click the mustard in the egg yolks. Pour in white wine vinegar. Add salt and pepper. Whisk and pour the same time very gently into the oil in a thin stream of scrambled eggs.


Would you like some fibers to the hamburgers you can make a cole slow to serve alongside. Fresh, delicious.
For four burgers:
7 cups shredded cabbage
1 carrot
1 red onion
1 cup sour cream (light or regular)
½ cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon sugar
black pepper

Follow these steps:
Use the cheese slicer, grater or food processor and shred the cabbage thinly. Grate the carrot. Slice red onion thinly. Stir together sour cream, mayonnaise and mustard. Immerse cabbage in boiling hot water, then cool with cold water and drain. Sweeten, add salt and pepper. Mix the grated and shredded cabbage, carrot and onion with sour cream-mayonnaise sauce. Let it stand an hour or more before serving. Garnish with paprika.