Biggest scandal in the U20 championship

Did you think that the biggest scandal of the championship is a correct goal beeing dissalowed? Players that used doping?

No, you aren´t close whit those guesses.
The real scandal occured in 1987 in former Chezoslovakia. When Canada meet Sovjetunion.

Canada would if they won the game win the goldmedals for Sovietunion on their side needed to win to be in a place for medals. When the Canada was in the lead whit 4-2 a giant fight occured, there wasn´t even a player on the benches. The refferes (Hans Rønning) and his linesmen left the ice, the organizers also tried to turned out the lights to end the fights. After the fights has ended the Hockey federation (IIHF) had a meeting where they declared the game as not played and both Soviet and Canada where disqualified for the big brawl.

some of the players that where involved in the fightings went on an become famous stars in the NHL. Such as Brendan Shanahan, Theoren Fleury, Pierre Turgeon, Vladimir Kostantinov, Alexander Mogilny and Sergei Fedorov.




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