Body of famous outlaw found

Australian authorities claims to have found the remains of the famous outlaw Ned Kelly.

Kelly has been seen as a folk hero and a symbol for the Irish-Australian defiance as well as a cold-blooded killer.
He began his carrer an outlaw two years before he was hanged in 1880.
When he was hanged in 1880, his body went missing after it was thrown in a massgrave.

The headless remains that was found has been identified as the remains of Ned Kelly officialls during Thursday, and whit that solving a mystery dating back over 130 years.

After Ned Kelly killed three policemen he was captured in Victoria in 1880 and hanged at the Old Melbourn Gaol in November.

Institute director Professor Stephen Cordner has been quoted

This is an extraordinary achievement by our forensic team, To think a group of scientists could identify the body of a man who was executed more than 130 years ago, moved and buried in a haphazard fashion among 33 other prisoners, most of whom are not identified, is amazing.