When the Titanic sunk on the 14th of april 1912, Carphatia was the ship that came to the rescue and saved over 700 souls, and took Titanic´s lifeboats on toll to New York, but what happened to Carphatia?

Carphatia was launched on August 6th 1902 and began sailing the seas on the 22th of April 1903.

During the final night of the Titanic Carpathia where sailing to Fiume (which today is Rijeka in Croatia).

Around 4.00 PM Carpathia arrived at the scene and rescued 705 survivors.

The people that where rescued offer the crew and captain of the Carpathia medals and cups in bronze, silver and gold. presented by Margaret Brown (Also known as Unsikable Molly Brown).

During the 17th of July 1918 when Carpathia where part of a convoy the ship where torpedoed by German submarine U-55, which killed five crewmembers, the ship then started to sank bow first, 57 passengers and surviving crew where saved by Snowdrop the next day. The last sighting of Carphatia was at 02:45 when the stern went under.

But then the wreackage was lost, it was lost for as long as to 1999, when reportes started to come in that it could be the wreackage of Carphatia that had been found, she was found about 298 km west of Lands End, the very south of part of England.