Veckans bok : Allan Edwall : Grovdoppa : visor

Allan Edwall: Grovdoppa : visor

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Historiens underbara värld

Under en resa till Göteborg kom jag över Historiens underbara värld – av Carsten Rytty.
Det är ett köp jag inte ångrat en sekund, även fast jag läst boken flera gånger så läser jag gärna igenom den igen.

Boken är fylld med uppgifter om historien, bland annat romariket, idrott, politik, mode och mycket mycket mer.

Det är på detta sättet jag vill att historia ska undervisas på, att traggla årtal och namn känns jobbigt och drygt i längden, men med små medel och många gånger rolig information som denna så gör man historia roligt.

Historiens underbara värld

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Book of week 37 : Ledarskap med Cesar

The man who could talk to dogs is back whit the sequal to the succe Cesar and his dogs, which has been sold about 50 000 ex only in Sweden.

In Ledarskap med Cesar, Cesar Milan puts fokus on the dogowner and tells how to become the leader of flock that the dog needs to get a good life.
Caesar helps you understand and understand your dogs energy so that you can get a deer relation whit your dog. Its for dogowners that wants to make a calm and secure energi becomes a better leader, not just for his/her dog.

Ledarskap med Cesar

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Book of the week 36 : Infiltrator

Max Åström worked as a infiltrator for the Swedish Police, he managed traps for bikers, robbers and drugdealers on orders from the former capitan Olle Lijlegren at Stockholms policesqaud. But during one mission everything went wrong and the real identity of Max where clearly seen. During the investigation and trials that followed have more and more information about the Stockholm Police way of working have surfaced, but also more questions that is missing answers, What did the policecheifs knew? Why have those that been tried and convicted gotten any chanse for a retrial?
And what is the meening for the Swedish justice?

Infiltrator is also available as soundbook here

Infiltratören den smutsigaste härvan inom Svensk Polis

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Was Hauptman guilty?

He claimed that he was storing the money for a friend (Isidor Fish) who died in Europe, since Isidor had borowed money from Hauptman, He feelt it was right to use the money he found.

The rail of the ladder is proven to be a part of the attic floor in Hauptmans home.
Even if the floorboard connected the ladder from the crimescene to Hauptmanshouse there is no evidence that Hauptman was around the Lindbergh estate nor that he knew his ladder where there.

Condons name, number and adress was written by a journalist, he confessed to it several years later.

Condon pointed out Hauptman as ”Cemetary John” who had recived the ransom, and Charles Lindbergh claimed that the voice of Hauptman was the one of ”Cemetary John”.

But Condon didn´t point Hauptman out during a lineup, hesaid he would wait for the trial to make a statement.

Experts have studied the ransomnotes and come to the conclusion that Hauptman wrote them, but that may not be entire true.
Hauptmans writing matched the ransom notes, but stil the points they points to is something every german in Haputmans generation was learned to write.
Its more likely that the letters where written by a scandinavian or a german.
Of course there is a big chanse Hauptman wrote the notes.


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The man who killed Sherlock Holmes.

After a couple of years Arthur Conan Doyle become tired of his creation and let Sherlock Holmes fall down from a cliff to a certain death.

The presasuer from the readers was enormus and Arthur Conan Doyle gave after for the preasure.
He thought that when Sherlock Holmes was out of the way he could focus on more important things than the writing about Holmes.
He wrote books about the Boerwar where he was serving as a doctor, he was also involved in the spiritism, beliving he and others could talk to spirits, mostley by a seans.
In 1902 Conan Doyle heard the story that is the base of the story of Baskervilles dog, and the intrest in writing about Sherlock Holmes arised once again.
But he wanted this to be the last story, so he preteneded that it was written years before Sherlock Holmes fell to his death.
But then in 1903 Conan Doyle had to give in, it turned out that Holmes had spent the time after the fall had been hiding in a secret location about ten years.
On the 7th of July 1930 Arthur Conan Doyle closed his eyes for ever.
Sherlock is the second ”person” in the world that gets most letters, number one on that list is Santa Claus.

There is many people that thinks that Sherlock Holmes and Doctor watson has been living persons, which is not the case, but the fire in open fireplace on Baker Street 221 B will sparkle for many years from now.


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Detective writer pointed out artist…

The theroy about the guilt of Walter Sickert has been pushed forwards by Patrica Cornwell, and many others.
In 2002 Cornwell tried to solve the mystery in a bok whit the title Portratit of a killer: Jack The Ripper – Case Closed.

She is said to have spended over six miljon dollar on DNA-tests and other investigations and claims that the motive for the murders where the famous artists sexualle frustration.

Cornwell thinks that she´s can see the murderd woman in Sickerts paintings and belive that his DNA is on several of the letters that arrived to the Police under the name of Jack The Ripper.

Even if this would be true the evidence is not any good, since it is needed that the one that wrote the letters also did
the killing, which is impossible to prove.

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Prince Albert Victor where blaimed for the murders..

In 1970:s the retired doctor Thomas Stowell published an artikel where he claimed that Jack The Ripper where identic to the english prince Albert Victor, grandchild to Queen Victoria. The reason that prince Albert Victor would have done this is that he had psyfilis and wanted revenge.
Stowells claims caused a scandal and it was kritisied very heavily. The times publicised the information they had about the princes whereabouts during the murderperiod, and it showed that he didn´t where anywhere nere the murderscenes.
Stowell was forced to a officiall excuses and died shortly afterwards by a heartattack.
There is still people today that belives his theory.

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Uniqe recording of Agatha Christie has been found

Relatives to Agatha Christie have found more than 13 hours recorded material where the famous detectiveauthor tells the story about her life and work. The recording where done in the 1960s and was discoverd by her grandson in the home in Torquay.
She never speaked about her life but on the recordings it is said that she speaks about her life and also her characters like Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.

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Astrid Lindgren läser ur Mio min Mio från Sagostunden

Perhaps Swedens most famous person, reading one of her stories in Swedish.

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