Har Palmevapnet hittats

En Magnum revolver av samma typ som den som användes vid mordet på Olof Palme har lämnats in till Polisen i Stockholm. Problemet är att det råder vapen amnesti och att inlämnaren då får vara anonym.

Vapnet har skickats till Statens kriminaltekniska labratorium för provskjutning

Eftersom det är vapenamnesti får man ju vara anonym

säger Carolina Ekéus på Rikskriminalpolisen.

Ända sen mordet i Februari 1986 har utredarna sökt efter och försökt kartlägga alla magnum revolvrar i Sverige och har också hittat och provskjutit tusentals vapen.

Hur många revolvrar som ännu inte testats är svårt att säga.

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Mystiskt medelande från WWII hittat

Ett kodat medelande från Andra Världskriget har hittats på benet av en brevduva. Resterna av duvan hittades då David Martin skulle renovera sin skorsten i sitt hus från 1700 talet i Bletchingley, Surrey 1982. Medelandet som inte visats upp under tre decenier överlämnades till GCHQ (Goverment Communications headquarter) med förhoppningen om att det ska bli deciferat.

Hittils har medelandet bara gjort Brittiska kodanalytiker förvirrade.

Tyvärr, har mycket av informationen som skulle kunnat tyda medelandet förlorats

säger en av dom som arbetar på Bletchley Park, som under WWII var en hemlig central för att försöka knäcka tyskarnas enigma maskin.

Historiker tror att duvan släpptes från det okuperade Frankrike, den 6 juni 1944 under D-Dagen.

Sent to ”XO2” at 16:45, it reads:








Signed ”Sjt W Stot,”

the message features two more codes at the end: NURP.40.TW.194

Människor världen över försöker nu knäcka koden, något som inte är särskilt enkelt då ingen vet vem avsändare eller mottagaren var, Dessutom så tror många att man behöver en chifferbok som Brittiska officerare använde under kriget så utan den kommer koden bli omöjlig att lösa.

Uppdatering 2012-12-20 Nu påstår en kanadensisk man att han kan ha löst koden

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Just about everybody offers heard about Nostradamus, the person that created those well-known forecasts regarding 500 in years past. Nostradamus (Michel de Nostradame) was created within St . Remi, the southern area of Portugal within 1503 as well as grew up like a Roman Catholic. He had been the France physician as well as astrologer. Nostradamus had been informed like a doctor as well as had been mentioned with regard to utilizing revolutionary techniques to deal with sufferers from the bubonic affects within the sixteenth hundred years.

Nostradamus dependence upon sanitary safeguards assisted their developing well known like a physician. Their utilization of revolutionary ways of remedy as well as their achievement within treating very sick sufferers gained him or her the status like a specifically talented healer. Unfornatually Nostradamus dropped their spouse as well as 2 son’s towards the problem. Nostradamus additionally obtained an extensive spiritual training. He analyzed historic background and also the occult such as the values as well as beliefs associated with historic Babylon. Nostradamus is probably probably the most well-known scryer, meaning to rehearse very looking. He’s thought to possess used a little dish associated with drinking water arranged on the metal tripod like a scrying device in to that he gazed as well as obtained pictures associated with long term occasions. Nostradamus is actually believed to possess anointed themself along with drinking water prior to going to operate. He’s the majority of mentioned with regard to their prophecies as well as forecasts. Nostradamus authored 1, 000 quatrains (4 outlines associated with passage) he split in to 10 areas known as Hundreds of years within 1555. These were generally figures through roman numbers We in order to By. The actual Hundreds of years had been created because an accumulation of prophetic quatrains without any chronological purchase, that has influenced their fans in order to arrange all of them. Nostradamus authored within earlier contemporary France, along with a combination of archaic phrases based on Latina as well as Ancient greek. He usually hidden their which means within anagrams, meaning, as well as mythological allusions. He clarifies this had been carried out to prevent persecution in the Questions. Nostradamus isn’t recognized with regard to their cheery prophecies. He utilized an old exercise associated with divination which may be tracked to Historic Babylon. It is stated he additionally utilized historic, darkish disciplines in order to ”conjure” the scary Religious Organization that offered him or her their thoughts to the long term. Nostradamus intentionally obscures the actual title of the organization simply because he understands it may be harmful in the event that he had been found through the witch predators associated with their day time. Nostradamus forecasts information on unfolding occasions which are way too near to end up being chance, however they’d possess created absolutely no feeling in any way whenever very first released. He’s thought through a few to possess forecasted numerous excellent occasions ever, such as the increase as well as drop associated with Napoleon as well as Hitler, the actual bombing associated with Hiroshima and also the murder people leader Steve Farrenheit. Kennedy. Nostradamus forecasted how the ALL OF US might visit battle within Afghanistan as well as Iraq.

He additionally forecasted the actual search for Rubbish bin Packed, which this could advance in to Globe Battle 3. He additionally appeared to possess forecasted Nuclear Battle with this 10 years, at some point in between 1999 ADVERT as well as 2012 ADVERT. Nostradamus doesn’t forecast how the planet is going to be destroyed. Nostradamus titles 3 Antichrists who’ll wreak chaos about the globe. The very first Antichrist is actually Napoleon, the second reason is Hitler and also the 3rd Antichrist because MABUS, the actual title to have an Persia Terrorist who’ll make use of a nuclear tool from the western. He authored how the 3rd Antichrist might originate from an area ”east from the Dark Sea”. Nostradamus authored: ”The far eastern guy can come on through their chair as well as mix the actual Apennines in order to France”. Right now what this signifies nobody understands. He additionally authored from the arriving of the Avatar, a global Instructor, who’ll conserve the planet. Nostradamus created numerous forecasts in regards to a Comet or even Comet Earth known as Nibiru which will move planet right after the entire year 2000 ADVERT as well as might bring about worldwide damage. He states how the comet will be noticeable in order to planet with regard to 7 days. He’s numerous quatrains regarding a good asteroid effect towards the ocean. Nostradamus mentioned, within basic France which their prophecies might lengthen towards the 12 months 3797. Nostradamus credited their present associated with prediction in order to motivation as well as divine thought, as well as continuous calcualations as well as continues to express which occasions could be fortold normally through the incredible physiques as well as through the nature associated with prediction. Nostradamus passed away within 1566 as well as their most widely used function had been L’ensemble des Propheties. Let us just wish which their functions had been just prophecies as well as absolutely nothing much more.

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Knights Templar

The actual knights in combat templars may be the concentrate associated with conspiracy theory hypotheses as well as option background. Following it’s basis within the Very first Crusade that elevated quickly in order to unparalleled energy. Therefore, following 2 hundreds of years, had been ruined nearly immediately using their powerful placement within European countries. These were charged associated with heresy as well as immorality and it is background may be made to stop repression particularly through individuals in whose jobs associated with energy had been endangered through the Purchase. However they had been truly erased. There’s a few proof they could carry on within solution. The actual Templars had been involved with numerous facets of Traditional western mythology, particularly within the last 3 hundreds of years. The key from the Purchase from the Knights in combat Templar phone offers resulted in numerous sensation which legally could be attached to the business as well as every area from the concealed unexplainable occurrences along with other occasions.

Probably the most well-known historic enigmas tend to be tossed frequently to the blend would be the Shroud associated with Turin, the actual Ultimate goal and also the Ark from the Agreement, that are just about all documented hyperlinks towards the Templars. Templars had been therefore unexplainable business offers a lot of unanswered queries you can use to satisfy the actual space which has some kind of the secret mounted on this. These people on their own had been enthusiastic about secrecy, which makes it hard with regard to historians to place all of the bits of the actual bigger picture. This particular insufficient obtainable info is simple to assume they experienced a concealed plan. Knights in combat Templar offers effective business ongoing before day time of the damage had been purchased. Oftentimes, historians tend to be validated within declaring which the truth is he’s no more the main Purchase. The reason being the actual statements Knights in combat Templar along with a web host associated with present times several although not each one is completely revolting. Templars had been therefore unexplainable business offers a lot of unanswered queries you can use to satisfy the actual space which has some kind of the secret mounted on this. Templars had been therefore unexplainable business offers a lot of unanswered queries you can use to satisfy the actual space which has some kind of the secret mounted on this. These people on their own had been enthusiastic about secrecy, which makes it hard with regard to historians to place all of the bits of the actual bigger picture. This particular insufficient obtainable info is simple to assume they experienced a concealed plan. Knights in combat Templar offers effective business ongoing before day time of the damage had been purchased. Oftentimes, historians tend to be validated within declaring which the truth is he’s no more the main Purchase. The reason being the actual statements Knights in combat Templar along with a web host associated with present times several although not each one is completely revolting. Templars had been therefore unexplainable business offers a lot of unanswered queries you can use to satisfy the actual space which has some kind of the secret mounted on this.

It has been speculations that the Knights Templar would have something to do whit the Money Pit on Oak Island

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George Washington – The Best President

George Washingtonshington had been the very first leader associated with america as well as regarded as among the best. George Washington is really a much-admired individual in several values. Since the very first leader associated with america, he or she arranged the actual program where the present three-branch program associated with authorities relies. George Washington is probably the main one individual who may the majority of declare the actual name associated with Founding Dad. George Washington was created upon Feb twenty two, 1732 within UK. He had been the actual boy associated with nicely away planting proprietor as well as invested their a person within family member comfort and ease. Throughout their youngsters, the actual Uk Empire dominated the actual 13 colonies. In spite of that which you may presume, he or she had been barely the groundbreaking as well as their mentioned objective had been being a good official within the Uk Military!

Certainly, which objective in no way found fruition. Because George Washington increased up, he or she grew to become a specialist surveyor associated with property. He proved helpful within that which was after that known as the actual United states Western as well as bought huge tracts associated with property along with additional members of the family. He or she ultimately possessed more than 56 1000 miles. Within 1752, George Washington became a member of the actual american militia.

He rapidly grew to become a good official as well as performed the critical component within the France as well as Indian native Battle. The actual France experienced relocated to the Kansas Area, that irritated the actual Uk in order to absolutely no finish. Washington was handed the duty associated with informing the actual France in order to depart the actual place. Once they declined, Wa advised the fortification end up being constructed as well as their superiors decided. Since the fortification had been constructed, Washington had been marketed in order to Lieutenant Colonel as well as provided the duty associated with protecting this. Top 159 males, he had been successful within small skirmishes. Rather than becoming marketed for an official placement within the Uk Military, he had been informed absolutely no colonial might achieve the positioning. Sour, Wa resigned and also the France switched the actual wave. Eager to show the actual wave, the actual Uk Governor associated with Washington reinstated George Washington through hiring him as Commander of all of the Colonial causes. Inside 3 years, the actual France had been conquered as well as Washington had been well-known. He hitched Martha Curtis within 1959, however they in no way experienced any kind of kids. Through the 1760s, George Washington experienced upon the market in the army as well as joined national politics. He had been an associate from the legislature along with a main critic from the Uk. Within 1770, Wa started promoting powerful opposition in order to Uk guideline. Within 1775, the actual colonies created the Ls Our elected representatives to deal with the actual turmoil using the Uk. George Washington had been chosen Commander of colonial causes. Battle experienced currently damaged away within Boston. Wa as well as their soldiers quickly became a member of and also the Uk had been conquered within Birkenstock boston within 1776. Through summer time, nevertheless, the actual Uk offers delivered much more soldiers as well as conquered the actual colonial causes upon several events. Dealing with complete beat as well as deficiencies in cash, George Washington do a fantastic point. He rallied their cloth label colonial causes as well as compensated their own income from their own financial situation. Through past due Dec associated with 1776, the actual colonial causes had been beginning to change the actual wave from the Uk. Following much more wins within 1777, the actual France provided their own assistance. This required a couple of years to reach, however Wa had been ultimately in a position to totally beat the actual Uk. Within 1781, the actual Uk surrendered high of the actual eastern coastline. Within 1783, the treaty had been authorized allowing the actual colonies their own self-reliance. Upon Feb four, 1789, George Washington had been chosen the very first Leader from the United states along with Steve Adams because vice leader. Since the very first leader, he or she set up numerous precedents as well as customs such as:
1. Becoming known as Mr. Leader.
2. Declined to become announced Full.
3. The actual development of the inaugural occasion as well as golf ball.
4. Swearing on the holy bible whenever getting the actual pledge associated with leader.
5. Shifting the administrative centre in order to Washington, Deb. D.
6. Saying yes towards the passing from the Expenses associated with Privileges.
7. Announced the actual neutrality associated with america in most worldwide issues. Within 1792, Leader Washington went with regard to re-election as well as had been unopposed. He or she remaining workplace within 03 1797. Upon Dec fourteen, 1799, he passed away after batteling whit pneumonia.

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A Stonehenge Special Access Tour

Stonehenge offers mystified teachers as well as archaeologists lower the actual hundreds of years. Turn out to be captivated through the numinous atmosphere which suffuses this particular milestone on the Stonehenge visit. In the end, Stonehenge can’t be calculated facing every other framework: it’s a effective rival for that name of the very renowned milestone about the planet.

It doesn’t neglect to captivate similarly as well as appeal site visitors through all around the earth. Begin the Stonehenge visit through Birmingham as well as probe in to it’s numerous ambiguities. Hypotheses concerning the building associated with Stonehenge because amazing because they tend to be interested possess regularly distributed. 3 extremely interesting hypotheses tend to be: The actual Tale associated with MerlinThe tale will go which Merlin transferred the actual gemstones in order to Salisbury Basic from Ireland after the actual dangerous Saxon innovator, Hengest, butchered three hundred Uk noblemen. Aurelius Ambrosius, the actual higher full, desired to have likely cenotaph towards the massacred males designed. Merlin suggested how the Giant’s Diamond ring rock group within Ireland in europe end up being used in Great britain: this particular grew to become Stonehenge. Erich von DänikenIt is actually perhaps von Däniken’s concept regarding Stonehenge offers triggered probably the most discussion in the present period. Däniken contended which possibly extraterrestrials, or even people have been led through extraterrestrials, constructed Stonehenge. In addition to this particular, he or she argues which Stonehenge is really a duplicate in our photo voltaic program, accurate in order to size, such as the asteroid belt.

 Ed DukeEdward Fight it out had been the very first individual in order to hyperlink astronomy along with Stonehenge, saying which Stonehenge by itself offered like a planetarium replete along with substantial astronomical sequences. He or she additionally asserted that one gemstones seemed to fall into line using the midsummer dawn as well as midwinter setting sun. Nowadays Stonehenge is constantly on the enthrall thousands and thousands associated with site visitors per year, as well as particularly enormous crowds of people collect to see the actual dawn about the summer time solstice. Office space regarding the preliminary reason for Stonehenge continue being displayed. That concept would you discover the majority of persuasive? That seems the majority of convincing? Or even would you throw away just about all 3 of those quarrels? They’re, in the end, between the the majority of uncommon as well as weird. Perhaps a Stonehenge trainer visit may explain points for you personally; possibly a call towards the essential milestone by itself will help you arrived at your personal presumptions why Stonehenge had been built. Allusions in order to Stonehenge recur within the function associated with intellectuals relationship completely to the center Age range. Certainly, Roman artefacts as well as cash happen to be available at the website, as well as, much more chillingly, Saxon continues to be of the headless guy had been unearthed within 1923. Go to this particular renowned Globe History Website as well as understand on your own the reason why Stonehenge offers engendered this kind of contention.

You’d in no way have the ability to develop tired associated with trying to determine it’s unlimited ambiguities. The Stonehenge unique entry visit is specially useful. Or even make a firm decision the Stonehenge trainer visit, like a Stonehenge early morning visit, to have an remarkable connection with this particular ineffable milestone.

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fontana di trevi roma

The actual Fontana di Trevi or even Trevi Water feature is definitely an incredible spectacular water feature which brings together each new as well as creative understanding. It’s a the majority of well-known as well as magnificent water feature within Ancient rome, Italia. This is found in the actual rione associated with Trevi within the Quirinale area. This acquired it’s title through it’s placement in the junction associated with 3 highways. Trevi water feature is really a fantastic thing of beauty that’s a lot greater than a simple statue. It’s the main baroque water feature within Ancient rome. It’s close to twenty five. 9 yards (eighty-five ft) higher as well as nineteen. 8 yards (65 ft) broad. It’s a special instance associated with artwork along with wonderful animals personified onto it. The actual water feature may be the fatal the main Vergine aqueduct constructed through Agrippa, an over-all associated with Augustus, within nineteen W. D. to create water from the Salone comes in order to Ancient rome. The actual building of the water feature had been were only available in 1732 also it had been lastly finished within 1762. This particular statue is definitely an historic good article. It’s roots return to Roman occasions. Within the 12 months 1485, Pope Nicholas Sixth is v commissioned Gianlorenzo Bernini to create the particular water feature, however the task had been left following the passing away associated with Pope City VIII within 1644. Within 18th hundred years, Pope Clement XII chose to recover the actual Trevi area as well as started focus on the actual water feature. This required close to 3 hundreds of years to accomplish this particular monument. Pope Clement XII commissioned Nicola Salvi to produce a big water feature in the Trevi Sq .. The actual Roman builder, Nicola Salvi, required two decades to accomplish this. The actual water feature is situated in the intersection associated with 3 highways. It’s in the closing the main revivified Aqua Virgo, among the historic aqueducts providing you with drinking water in order to historic Ancient rome. This particular Aqua Virgo brought water to the Bathing associated with Agrippa. This offered Ancient rome with regard to a lot more than 400 many years. Even though drinking water isn’t any lengthier secure in order to consume, the actual water feature continues to be a well known spot to go to. If your customer tosses the gold coin within the water feature after that which means how the customer can come once again in order to Ancient rome. You’ll be amazed to determine this type of big water feature in this little sq .. The actual water feature had been restored within 1998. In the event that you are searching for among the fantastic fountains after that check out exactly what the actual Trevi provides. It is advisable to look at this particular water feature through the night should you actually want to capture a fantastic display. It’s the planet’s most well-known water feature as well as each and every customer associated with Ancient rome is meant to go to this, since it is definitely an structures question in the eighteenth hundred years.

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Scandinavian Star

Scandinavian Star började den 19 Januari 1971 som M/S Massalla och blev omdöpt 1984 till Scandinavian Star.

Skeppet köptes av Vognmandsruten i april 1990 och blev då satt i trafik mellan Oslo och Fredrikshavn, köpet hade dock inte helt gått igenom (det ägdes fortfarande av ett bahamas registrerat företag) då det brann natten den 7 April 1990, 482 personer fanns ombord.

159 personer omkom, varav 26 stycken barn under 15 år, 3 omkomna var Svenskar

Brandorsaken har aldrig helt klarlagts, dock fanns en känd tidigare pyroman med ombord, men han omkom själv i branden så ingen har kunnat få fram om han var skyldig. Pyromanen ska dock ha haft 1,7 promille alkohol i kroppen, dog tidigt av rökförgiftning och hade inte tillgång till många av dom ställen bränderna började på.

Fartyget var dessutom överförsäkrat sen en vecka innan branden.

Efteråt renoverades skeppet och byggdes om i Italien, sen kom Scandinavian Star att trafikera den karibiska övärlden som M/S Regal Voyager

Skeppet skrotades i Alang Indien i Maj 2004

Byggd: 1971
Varv: Dubigeon Normandie S.A. Prairie-au-Duc, Nantes, Frankrike
Längd: 142,14 m
Bredd: 22,20 m
Djupgående: 5,50 m
Maxfart: 20,0 knop
Passagerare: 874, efter ett flertal ombyggnationer 385
Hyttplatser: 874, efter ett flertal ombyggnationer 385
Bilar: 250
Lastmeter: 420, efter ombyggnad 1110
Hemmahamn: Ingen (höggs upp 2004)
Sista rutt: Santo Domingo – San Juan

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USS Arizona

The USS Arizona was american battleship built during 1910th century,

USS Arizona was one of the ship that was sanked by the Japanese forces during Pearl Harbor.

It was around 08:00 on the 7th of December 1941 that Japanese aircrafts attacked the pacific fleet that was stationed in Pearl Harbor.

The bombers made four hits and three close misses on or around the Arizona.

The last bomb hit the ship at 08:06 and penetrated the ship and struck the amunition magazine in the forward part of the ship.

The following explosion killed 1,177 of the 1,400 crewmen

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Pearl Harbor day

During the second world war Japan wanted to extened their empire and the Us wanted to stay neutral in the conflict, it all ended on the 7th of December 1940 when Japan attacked USA at Pearl Harbor.

It was a peacefull Sunday morning, 7 December 1941, the U.S. Pacific Fleet crews still in their beds and sleeping on the naval base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, when their sleep is beeing interrupted by the numerous explosions.

Several waves of Japanese airplanes has descended upon the camp and released their bombs and torpedos and turns the site to a graveyard in just a few hours.

Over 2,500 Americans lost their lifes in the attack, which was meant to prevent US to interfeer in Japans plans to conquer an empire in Asia.

The battle lasted for over three years but the Japanese soon found themself in trouble since they had underestimated their opponent.

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