Swedish researchers: Snowman found in Siberia

The myth of a three-meter long, covered with hair creature popularly known as Bigfoot or Yeti can be more than an exciting story. Two of the world’s most reputable newspaper reports that Swedish researchers have found him in Siberia.

Since the 1800s, stories have flourished on a large creature that stresses around the forests in the U.S. and Canada. The creature called everything from Bigfoot to Bigfoot and Sasquatch.

At the same time the rumor of a close relative of this beast. It is the ape-like yeti, or yeti, which is rumored to be in Tibet and on top of the Himalayas.

Periodically, people have claimed that they have met on these mythical creatures. Some claim to have been abducted by the animal, others that have caught a glimpse of him or found his footprints in the woods. But the world of science has long dismissed the stories as mere tales.

But now the yeti-fans had a field day. After the local population in Kemerovoregionen in Russia raised the alarm that have seen an ape-like creature on the Russian tundra took the Canadian and Swedish researchers to the site.

The researchers could find hair, footprints and a bed that they believe belong to an animal that looks like a Bigfoot or a Yeti. During a seminar afterwards said the scientists up to 95 percent certain that such a creature actually exists, writing both The Times and The Guardian.

But the researchers’ discovery has been criticized. The hårfynd found has not yet been investigated.

Loren Coleman, of the international crypto-zoological museum in Portland Maine, can not see any major difference between scientists’ discoveries and the discoveries that lay people on holiday excursions are doing in North America.

– They will find hair of an unidentified origin, and say it’s Bigfoot hair, find any broken branches and says it was made by Bigfoot, and found footprints that they say looks like Sasquatch tracks, he tells The Huffington Post.

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Kraken is a legendary sea monsters of giant proportions that have been said to have been around the coasts of Norway and Iceland.

The legend is ofcourse fiction but it haven´t stopped people from using it in popular culture such as films, leterature, television and video games, Kraken has even appeared on postage stamps.

The first mention of Kraken is from around 1250 in the scientific work Konungs skuggsjá where its described in detail

But there is some truth in the stories about Kraken to, it could have originated from sightings of real giant squids, they tend to grow to about 13-15 m (40-50 ft) whit the tentacles messured in the length, they often live at the great depths but have been sighted at the surface and have also been reported to attack ships.

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Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a celebration of Christopher Columbus arrival in on the American continent, which would have occured on October 12th 1942.

Since 1971 the holiday has been fixed to the second Monday in October, the same day as the neighbour Canada celebrates Thanksgiving.

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christopher columbus

christopher columbus born around 31 October 1451 and died 20 May 1506. He was a explorer, colonizer and navigator. Columbus was born in the Republic of Genoa in the north of Italy.

Columbus did find the Greater and Lesser Antilles, as well as the Caribbean coast of Venezuela and Central America, claiming them for the Spanish Empire.

christopher columbus was acctually not the first European explorer to reach the american continent ( Leif Ericson was the first)

At the time of his death christopher columbus was still conviced that he had come to the east coast of Asia and not that he had found a new continent

His remains where first interred at Valladolid, then in a monastery of La Cartuja in Seville. Today its not known for sure where his remains are.

In honour of christopher columbus america selebrates Columbus Day the first weekend in October

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Empire state building

The Empire State Building in New York is an extraordinary Art deco skyscraper which boasts of 102 storeys. Today it is recognised as one of the city´s most significant landmarks as well as a National Historic Landmark. This phenomenal skyscraper soars over a quarter of a mile into the open skies of the heart of Manhattan. For over 40 years The Empire State Building earned the reputation of being the tallest building in the world. Completion of this gigantic building took place in 1931. The Empire State Building only became second to the North Tower of the World Trade Centre which was completed in 1972. Following the damage caused to the World Trade Centre in 2001 the State Building soared to occupy the top slot once more. The American Society of Civil Engineers recently named the Empire State Building as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. In 1986 the site was selected as a National Historic Landmark and in 2007 the building topped the list of America’s Favourite Architecture according to the AIA. The 86th floor of the State Building features an observatory that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city beneath. More than 3.5 million people head to the 86th floor in order to catch a glimpse of the stunning views which are about 1,050 feet above the busy New York City streets. The Empire State Building which is today a popular tourist attraction offers its visitors a wide range of activities. For instance, the observatory is open right throughout the year for those interested on viewing the city from great heights. The building houses restaurants, a sushi bar, coffee shops, greeting card shops, pharmacy, post office, banks and even a movie theatre. Quite a number of exhibitions take place during the year at the lobby of the State Building. The Empire State Building has become an integral part of life in New York. It is also a great example of the magnificence of typical American style Art Deco architecture. The best way to feel the excitement of this impressive building is to stay at a nearby New York hotel. For example, Millennium Broadway Hotel New York is well known for its calming, upscale ambiance and distinctive service.

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John F. Kennedy

In the life of this great nation, a few of its presidents have emerged from the pack as truly historic and memorable even more than others. Of course, the presidents from the generation of the founding fathers certainly fit that bill including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. And presidents that served the country in times of great crisis also are deeply honored in memory. But in recent memory, there probably no other president that brings up emotions of respect and admiration as much as that of John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy seemed to capture the hearts of the American people in a way that was unique in presidents before or since. Part of it may have been the era in history that the country was in when he became the President of the United States. The historic time between 1950 and 1970 was a time when the largest generation of youth, now known as the “baby boomers”, was coming of age. With them a new youth movement brought a sense of optimism, a “can do” attitude and to some extent a sense of revolution. They were looking for new ways of seeing things, a new vision of the future and new leadership and John F. Kennedy was the perfect man of the hour to provide that leadership.

So much about Kennedy’s presidency has an aura of romance and almost a fairy tale excitement of it. From the naming of his family estates “Camelot” to the love affair that the public had with the strikingly beautiful presidential couple, Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy. That touch of magic extended to everything he did and virtually everybody in his family including his younger brother Robert who was idolized as well and almost certainly would have served as president had he not been tragically assassinated during his early bid for that office.

But this was not to say that Kennedy was not a phenomenal leader. He faced serious challenges. The Cuban Missile Crisis may have been one of the most frightening show downs between a nuclear Russia and a nuclear America that has ever happened in history. When it became clear that Russia was beginning to build bases in Cuba and arm them with those terrible weapons, this was no time for a weak president. Had Russia been able to bully Kennedy or intimidate the young president and put those missiles in Cuba, it seems certain that the outcome of the cold war would have been one of failure rather than success. But Kennedy was not bullied or intimidated and using the power of his office, Kennedy stood his ground and stood ground for all Americans and forced the Russians to remove those missiles.

But this was not the only great accomplishment of Kennedy’s administration. It took a leader who had great vision and ability to inspire a nation as nobody else than John F. Kennedy could to set the sights of the nation on landing on the moon. But Kennedy put that desire and that high calling in the hearts of his people and the nation rallied to finally see that man step out on the moon and declare, “This is one step for man, a giant leap for mankind.” That was one of the proudest days in American history and it was Kennedy who inspired us to that kind of greatness.

As much as the life and leadership of John F. Kennedy perfectly exemplified the optimism and youthful zeal of a generation, his tragic assignation changed the country forever as well. On that sad day of November 22, 1963 when Lee Harvey Oswald gunned down America’s beloved president, the hearts of Americans changed forever.

This was one of those days that almost everybody who was alive at the time, from school children to grandfathers remembered where they were when they heard the news. Since we laid to rest this great leader, the presidency itself has never been the same. While Americans will always respect their presidents, that sense of adoration for the man in the White House disappeared forever. But the thing that did not disappear was the ongoing adoration of the man, John F. Kennedy, who inspired a generation and a nation to look forward to greatness and in the famous words of his inaugural address in 1961…

”Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
We would like to think all of our presidents of the United States were truly great men and to be sure, just handling the awesome responsibility of the presidency takes a special kind of individual. One of the unique and great things about the system of government in America is the concept of citizen leadership. This is the idea of an ordinary citizen rising up and becoming president for a while and then returning to private life.

But of the handful of men who have held that office, a few have stood out for their great achievements and leadership in a time that changed the country for ever. And one of these truly great presidents was Abraham Lincoln. Probably more than any other president, Lincoln had to handle an internal civil war that was far more than shouting and name calling. This was a dispute that could have torn the country in half and starting a rupturing that could have resulted in dozens of small weak independent states instead of the powerful nation we know as America today.

It was Lincoln’s leadership, his commitment to values and his strong moral fiber that made it possible for America to find its way through that war and then to begin the healing process that would eventually lead the nation back to unity once again. Lincoln’s term of service from 1860 until his death was one of considerable challenge. If he only had the problem of dealing with the attempt by the south to succeed from the union and his ability to keep those states as part of the American national territory, he would be lauded as a great American indeed.

One of the little known leadership styles that Lincoln used to his advantage in the organization of his presidency was his appointment of talented national figures from opposing political parties to be part of his cabinet. Lincoln felt that he needed to have close advisors from the opposing viewpoint to keep from having his presidency become insulated from the American people and one sided. By gathering members of the “loyal opposition” into his trusted inner circle, Lincoln was always aware of both sides of every issue which made him a stronger leader.

But that is not even his greatest accomplishment or the one that we remember him for the most. His bold and unchanging opposition to slavery is without any doubt his greatest contribution to the history of America and indeed to world history as well. When he was willing to put everything on the line to stop this barbaric social sin, Lincoln made a stand, against the popular opinion of the time in many cases that he would be the figure to bring slavery to an end.

It was not a stand that came without cost. The civil war was one of the bloodiest and costliest in the nation’s history if for no other reason than all casualties; on both sides were casualties of America. It would take many decades for the ravages of that horrible war to be repaired. The schism between north and south continued for decades and is still a part of our national personality in this country.

But the end result was what Lincoln wanted to be his legacy. By issuing the Emancipation Proclamation to make the end of slavery permanent, Lincoln followed that up with the passing of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments which made permanent the freedoms that were hard fought and won in the Civil War.

The freedom that was won for so many black Americans in that war permanently enshrined the memory of Abraham Lincoln as one of our greatest presidents in the hearts and minds of all Americans. Small wonder the monument honoring him on Washington’s national mall is one of the most revered spots in the nation and one that thousands flock to each year to give respect for this great president that made liberty and freedom a reality for all Americans, not just a few. And his face on Mount Rushmore is well deserved so the very mountain itself shouts out, this is one of the greatest leaders in the history of this great country.

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New Tech : Car body would work as a battery

It´s said that Volvo is experimenting whit a new composite material, that would be able to store and release engergy more quickly then the common lithium-ion battery.
These material that is behaving like a battery could in future bee used to build the car body, It also reduce the weight of the car whit the lightweight composite material.
The ideas and project was unvieled at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

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Found : King Herodes teather

Researchers have found the teather of King Herodes the great in his palace just south of Israel. It´s a 7 x 8 meter big area that have been found high up in the teather whit place for 400 persons. According to Ehud Netzer a leading archelogist in Israel and one of the biggest experts on Herodes.

Besides the teather the palace even had a pool, bath and gardens. After the death of Herodes his palace where used by jewish rioters as a fortress. Both palace and teather where destroyed by roman forces in the year of 71.

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Found : Mideval coins

On a field in Germany have researchers found about 100 coins or coinfragments and three silver bullion from early mideval time.

Findings like this is very rare and whit this ammount in the finding makes it a very good finding

says researcher Michael Schirren.
The coins are dated to a period around 610-820 B.C. They are written in Arabic and acording to experts the coins would have come from, North Africa, Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. Treasures that once could have belonged to arabic merchants or slaves.

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