The riddle about the Swedish king Birger Jarl

Researchers wants to open the tomb of Magnus Ladulås (born around 1240 dead 18th of December 1290. king of Sweden 1275-1290)
The reason for this is that they will ”put the lid” on the myth that Ladulås father Birger Jarl ( mentioned first time in 1237, most likely born around 1210,dead 21 of Oktober 1266 ) was burried somewhere else and somebody else is burried in Ladulås tomb.

DNA will be used to see if there is a match, if it is no match it is someone else burried in the tomb.

It won´t be a disaster if the test show someone else is burried instead of Birger Jarl, the big point is how the technic can be used, and it also can open for more research and ideas.

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