Skrällen i dödens grupp

Gruppen med Danmark, Holland, Tyskland och Portugal blev snabbt döpt till dödens grupp, och visst är den otroligt tuff men vem trodde egentligen att Danmark skulle ha någon större chans?

Men nu lyckades Danmark slå Holland med 1-0, detta efter att Holland brännt alla chanser, otroligt att så stora stjärnor som dom spelare Holland har, kan gå mållösa från en match med flera bra chanser.

Tyskland – Portugal står 0-0 i halvlek och inget av lagen har direkt imponerat, det vore en rejäl skräll om både Portugal och Danmark går vidare och Holland, Tyskland blir utslagna.

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Egypt soccer riot

The topgame between Ahly and Masry in the Egypt Soccer leauge has just ended, when thousands of fans stormed the pitch. One eyewittnes says

It looked like a coordinated attack, as soon the game was over the rocks started to fly

Many of the storming fans where armed whit knives, sticks and stones. According to the Associatd Press there was about 13 000 men fighted whit around 1200 Ahly supporters

Guards were trampled, Ahly players were chased and attacked, someone even heard shoots fired

The Ahly players locked them selfs inside the locker room but not even there where they safe, one fan died in the locker room in front of the Ahly veteran Mohamed Abou-Treika in a telephone call to the club´s own Tv Channel.

Finally two army helicopters evacuated the players of Ahly.

So far 74 deaths has been reported and over 1000 people have been injured

This is one of the biggest disasters in Egyptian football history

said Health Minister Hesham Sheiha Egyptian television.

47 people is said to have been arested following the riots.

An investigation into the tragedy has been established, headed by State Prosecutor
The soccer world is today a world in greif, many stars have commeted their sadness over whats happened in Egypt

This is a dark day for football

Says Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany on Twitter

Sad to see things like this in football

said Everton big star Tim Cahill.
Even the Premier Leauge club Liverpool made a statement and showed their support

We want to send our condolences and sympathy to all who have suffered

Terrible scenes at a football match – quite terribly

Said television profile Piers Morgan

Also the president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter made a statement on the egypt soccer riots

I am shocked and saddened by the data on the large number of dead and injured football fans. This is a dark day for football. This disastrous situation is unthinkable and it should never have happened,
– My thoughts are with the families of those who lost their lives tonight


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Socrates dead

The former Brazilian nationalteam capitan Socratés has passed away 57 years old. A Brazilian hostpial issued a statement early this morning abouth Socrates death

Sócrates was most known as the Captain for the Brazilian National Football team in 1982 world cup and the 1986 world cup

Sócrates did 22 goals on 60 caps for Brazil between 1979-1986

During his carrer Sócrates played for Botafogo, Corinthians, Flamengo and Santos.

Sports Illustrated

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Nigeria has been locked out

Fifa has suspend Nigeria from all competions immediately until further notice. Fifa did threaten Nigeria earlier since the president Goodluck Jonathan stepped in and made descisions regarding the national team. At that time Jonathan gave after for FIFA´s demands and they never needed to do anything. Now a new scandal has arised and FIFA decided under monday to suspend Nigeria.

FIFA says that members of Nigerias executive commitie has been stoped from doing their jobs, that the countrys sportsminister have forced the League Secretary-General and even taken descions about the teams in the nigerian leauge. The suspencion will last untill the courtorders is ending and the league secretary could work undisturbed. Nigeria is now stopped from all national games by both FIFA and CAF (The african football federation) Nigeria would have played a qualification game against Guinea on thursday but now they won´t be entering the game. The Nigerian football federation has so far not commented the suspension.

More info:



Nigerian Fotball federation

Handla leksaker online

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Andrés Escobar

Andrés Escobar was born March 13, 1967 and was killed July 2, 1994 in Medellin Colombia. Escobar took part in the tournament in 1994 with Colombia Colombia där Lost to Romania (1-3) & the U.S. (2-1) and ’finally won over Switzerland 0-2 whit, But the American win Happened When Escobar tried to block a cross from John Harkes he deflected the ball Into His Own Net.

On the 2 of July 1994 Escobar Somewhere Outside ”El Indio” bar When he was shot, it was Reported thats the killer shouted ”Goal” For Each 12 bullets fired. The Murder Has Been widely belived to be a punishment for the own goal.
Escobar’s funeral was attended by 120 000 people and was built a statue in his females. Every year people females Escobar village Bringing Photographer of heaven to matches
Christopher Jude Bennardo was found guilty of Escobar’s murder in June 1995 and Sentenced to 43 years in prison. Bennardo HAD Been working as a teacher at a local high school.
The sentence was later Reduced to 26 years due to his Submitting To The ruling penal code in 2001. Bennardo was released on good behavior due to Further Reductions from prison work and study in 2005 after serving 11 years Approximately, in a controversial move.

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René Higuita

Rene Higuita

José René Higuita Zapata was born August 27, 1966 in Medellin, and is a former Colombian goalkeeper
Higuita is known for its Scorpio rescue in a match against England in 1995 and his attempts to fine-away Roger Milla in the 1990 World Cup, Milla stole the ball easily rounded Higuita and simply added it into the empty goal and Colombia became the ruling of Cameroon.

1993 Higuita was convicted of involvement in a kidnapping. He went in as an intermediary between Pablo Escobar and Carlos Molina and left the ransom by Molina to Escobar, which gave him $ 64,000, which also violated Colombian law. Higuita could therefore not participate in the tournament in 1994, he has also been involved in another scandal when he November 23, 2004 tested positive for Cocaine when he played for a club in Ecuador.

Rene Higuita scorpionkick

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The end of the Worldcup

Spain is the new Worldcup champions after beating Netherlands 1-0 after extra time.

It was the right team that won since Spain has been playing a very good fotball during the tournament, but i can´t help felling sorry for Netherlands, three finals and three losses……

Spain has one worldcup final and one victory, and is also defending europeanchampions

Eviva España, Well done Spain

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Argentina utslaget :D

Tyskland krossade Argentina med 4-0 😀

Den härligaste matchen detta Vm, äntligen är Argentina utslaget, finns inget lag jag hatar mer än Argentina.

Nu tror jag på Tyskland, synd bara att Brasilien åkt ur men dom får fler chanser.

Besök för att hitta billiga priser på resor!

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New Zeeland and the world cup

New Zealand

The world cup adventure is over for New Zeeland for this time, not so many that would be suprised by that in fact. But when looking on the big picture, New Zeeland made a good World Cup performance.

Last time they played in the world cup where in 1982, they then played 3 games, lost all 3 and a goal diffrence at -7. During this worldcup they have played 3 games, 0 wins, 0 losses and 3 draws whit a goal diffrence at -+0 and three points, so i must say that New Zeeland have made a very good World Cup despite beeing knocked out in the groupstage

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Vm historiens snyggaste mål

Den 12 Juni 1986 möttes Brasilien och NordIrland i den avslutande gruppomgången. Braslien vann med 3-0 efter två mål av Careca och ett mål av Josimar. Josimars mål gick till historien som ett av dom snyggaste mål som någonsin gjorts.

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