Bob Welch dead

Bob Welch who played guitar in the band Fleetwood Mac has been found dead by his wife. It has been reported that Bob Welch comitted suicide after a long battle whit healthproblems, along side the body was a suicidenote. Bob Welch was a member of fleetwood mac between 1971 and 1974 when he started his solocarrer.

Bob Welch was 65 years old


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Bruce Springsteen en stor musiker

Det råder ingen tvekan det som var och när denna man kommer att utföra vinner människors hjärtan, därför är han känd som namnet Boss. Alla hennes ivriga att köpa Bruce Springsteen biljetter eftersom de vet att hans show ska vara häftigt och att de aldrig uttråkad där borta. Det som gör honom mycket populär bland folket är hans live-framträdanden som är mycket energisk och livlig, och han sjungit låt efter låt utan att ta någon paus. De fans av denna stora man alltid köpa biljetterna och det finns miljontals kopior av hans album som sålde ut varje år. Du kan inte jämföra något med sin prestation. Detta måste vara en livstid upplevelse att se hennes show live. Missa inte showen för om du missade det, betyder det att du missade utförandet av en legendry superstjärna. Så missa inte detta gyllene tillfälle och köpa Bruce Springsteen biljetter och njut av showen med dina vänner och kära. Eftersom denna man är älskad av alla åldersgrupper. Han vinner hjärtan publiken genom sitt hjärta fängslande röst, musik och prestanda och för att se hans show ska vara livstid erfarenhet. Så missa inte denna chans och måste köpa biljetterna. Det finns miljontals av hans fans som älskar att titta på sin live-show.

Titta på en Legend Live

Han är mannen som uppnådde mycket framgång och under hela sin karriär alla hans album slog rekord och sålde ut alla runt om i världen. Han fick Academy, två Golden Globe Awards och 19 Grammy Awards, men hans drivkraft för mer är inte över ännu. Han arbetar mycket hårt för musiken och den här saken reflekterar i sitt arbete också. Det intressanta är att han fick smeknamnet Boss i början av sin karriär, vilket passar honom mycket eftersom han är chef för musiken. Hans fans älskar honom alltid så mycket och de köper Bruce Springsteen biljetter och njuta av sin livespelning. Detta är den gyllene tiden för hans älskare att köpa biljetter, eftersom nu biljetter till mycket billigt pris så om du vill njuta av showen, och sedan måste få dina biljetter. Biljetterna är begränsade så, köpa dem nu inte spilla mer tid och köpa dem nu.

Ta tag i biljetter nu

När de meddelar datum för levande visar människor blir galna och de köper biljetter utan att vi förlorar tid eftersom de vet att showen måste vara awesome. Han är den enda person som kan ta de miljontals människor eftersom hans resultat är häftigt och sinne blåser. Så missa inte detta gyllene chans och köpa biljetter av den här härliga person som har förmågan att vinna människors hjärtan genom hans liveframträdande. Det är bra om du köper biljetter till familj och vänner och njuta av bländande prestanda chef.

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Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent was bor on 13th of December 1948 in Detroit Michigan and is an american gituarist and singer also known under the nicknames ”Gonzo” ”Motor City Madman” ”The Nuge” and now a days ”Uncle Ted”.

Ted Nugent started his carrer as a member of The Amboy Dukes but has since 1975 beeing acting solo. He has also been a member of the groups Damn Yankees and Damnocracy.

Ted Nugent is known as a republican, member of NRA. He is famous for his resistance against drugs and alcohol. He has performed in Iraq to honour american troups.

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Elvis Presley Christmas at Graceland

Priscilla as well as Elvis persuaded the her mother and father in order to allow the her invest Xmas 1962 from Graceland. Elvis went the woman’s with the entrance from Graceland exactly where your woman had been thrilled to determine the entrance yard embellished having a nativity picture and also the whitened posts from the estate ablaze along with vacation lighting. Priscilla stated, ”It had been probably the most stunning places your woman experienced actually set eye upon. inch Your woman had been seventeen years of age. Within Graceland had been the group waiting around to determine the woman’s. Grandma Minnie experienced fulfilled the woman’s within Indonesia as well as had been happy to determine the woman’s once again because your woman informed Priscilla which Elvis as well as Vernon had been nevertheless not really obtaining together perfectly because consequence of Vernon’s relationship in order to Dee.

Priscilla had been astonished whatsoever which continued through the night as well as evening. The area had been kind of just like a boys’ membership along with men capturing swimming pool as well as watching television, capturing the actual fluff as well as challenging Alberta the actual house maid within the kitchen area to repair all of them hamburgers as well as exactly what perhaps you have. Priscilla recognized this particular evening which Graceland experienced absolutely no particular regimen as well as every thing revolved close to Elvis. From 4 the. michael. Elvis chose to stop working. Every thing turn off as well as he or she required Priscilla upper level. Elvis offered Priscilla the poodle pup which your woman called Sweetie as well as Priscilla offered Elvis the music smoke situation which performed ”Love Me personally Sensitive, inch upon Xmas Event. The next evenings Elvis leased the actual Memphian or even the actual Malco Theatre with regard to all-night films.

1 evening all of them visited the actual Range Roller dome exactly where these people performed break the actual mix. Fortunately nobody had been harm as well terribly. An additional evening, Elvis leased the actual Fairgrounds Enjoyment Recreation area as well as do their preferred stop associated with standing within the roller coaster. They’d additionally trip the actual bumper vehicles as well as attempt with regard to aggresive accidents. With regard to Brand new Year’s Event, Elvis leased the actual New york Membership with regard to their men, buddies as well as family members. Whenever Xmas Vacations had been more than Priscilla didn’t would like to return in order to Indonesia as well as Elvis didn’t would like the woman’s to return possibly so that they started plotting methods to persuade the woman’s mother and father in order to allow the woman’s remain from Graceland. Ultimately these people spoken the woman’s dad in to allowing the woman’s remain. The actual problems had been a number of as well as incorporated Priscilla might reside along with Vernon as well as Dee as well as might go to a great Catholic college to complete senior high school. Supply: Graceland, The actual Residing Heritage associated with Elvis Presley, Collins Marketers Bay area very first released within Ough. Utes. The. 1993

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12 Madonna Quotes

Prepared for many Madonna quotes? As well as, absolutely no, We do not imply the actual the actual spiritual 1. I am referring to Madonna Louise Ciccone, the best songs image that transformed the face area associated with style as well as songs permanently. Should you was raised within the 80s, you have observed the woman’s proceed through edgy in order to completely questionable as well as to well-liked past perception.

1. ”A large amount of individuals are scared to express exactly what they need. This is exactly why they do not obtain exactly what they need.

”2. ”When I am starving, We consume. Whenever I am dehydrated, We consume. After i seem like stating some thing, We state this.

”3. ”I ’m my very own test. I’m my very own thing of beauty.

”4. ”Better to reside twelve months like a tiger woods, than the usual 100 like a lambs.

”5. ”I usually believed I ought to end up being handled just like a celebrity.

”6. ”My dad had been quite strong. We do not trust many of the methods he or she introduced me personally upward. We do not trust lots of their ideals, however he or she do possess lots of ethics, and when he or she informed all of us to not make a move, he or she did not get it done possibly.

”7. ”To end up being daring would be to adore somebody unconditionally, without having anticipating something in exchange. In order to simply provide. Which requires bravery, simply because all of us do not wish to drop upon the encounters or even depart ourself available to harm.

”8. ”I would not possess ended up the way in which We had been basically did not possess those old-fashioned ideals in order to digital rebel towards.

”9. ”I’ve usually desired to end up being higher. Personally i think just like a shrimp, however this is the method this will go. I am five-foot four-and-a-half-inches — that is really typical. Every thing regarding me personally is actually typical. Everything’s regular, within the publications. It is the points within me personally which make me personally not really typical.

”10. ”Being golden-haired happens to be a various frame of mind. I can not truly place my personal hand onto it, however the artifice to be golden-haired offers a few amazing kind of lovemaking meaning. Males truly react to this. I really like golden-haired locks however it will different things for you. Personally i think much more grounded after i possess darkish locks, as well as Personally i think much more ethereal after i possess gentle locks. It is inexplicable. We additionally really feel much more Italian language whenever my personal locks is actually darkish.

”11. ”My using a kid isn’t with regard to open public usage. It isn’t work proceed. It isn’t the overall performance to become evaluated or even ranked. Neither is actually my personal part like a mom.

”12. ”I believe the best problem would be to possess some type of design as well as sophistication, while you have not obtained cash, or even position within culture, or even official training. I’d an extremely center, lower-middle course kind of upbringing, however We determine along with individuals that have experienced, at some time within their life in order to find it difficult to endure. This provides an additional colour for your personality. ”How might the actual critics possess actually disliked the woman’s? Certain, she is carried out a few fairly ”out there” points, however whenever drive involves push it appears she is quite a heavy individual who offers the woman’s directly directly.

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Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams föddes som Sven Erik Fernström den 15 April 1942 i Solna och är en svensk rocksångare som slog igenom på 1960 talet med sin grupp The Violents, därefter inledde Jerry Williams en lång solokarriär.

Jerry Williams och The Violents agerade förband till The Beatles under deras Sverigeturne.

Williams har också medverkat i filmen G samt musiklaen Cats

Några av dom mest kända låtarna av Jerry Williams är ”Did i tell you”, ”I can Jive”

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Paul McCartney

Sir James Paul McCartney, was born on the 18th of June 1942 and is an English musician, singer-songwriter and composer. Most known as a member of The Beatles (1960-1970) and Wings (1971-1981)

Paul McCartney holds a position in the Guiness World Records as the ”most successful musician and composer in popular music history”, with 60 gold discs and sales of 100 million singles in the United Kingdom alone.

McCartney was also named ”The greatest composer of the millennium by BBC News online readers, and BBC News cited that the Beatles song ”Yesterday” was the most covered song in history of recorded music, beeing made cover by over 2,200 artists and since it was released in 1965 it had been played more tha 7,000,000 times on American television and radio acording to BBC.

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Bobby Farell dead

Acording to several newssources so have Bobby Farell died. Bobby is best known as the frontfigure of the group Boney M.

The band reached succes whit hits like ”Daddy Cool” ”Rivers of Babylon” and ”Rasputin”

He was found dead in a hotelroom in St Petersburg, 61 years old.

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John Lennon – 30 years

Today there is 30 years since the popular singer John Lennon the former Beatles member was shot and killed outside his Dakota home. Lennon had just before the shoting singed a picture for his fan Mark David Chapman, who after Lennon left, took out a gun and fire at the singer.
Lennon where hit by four shots, in the back and in the arm, Lennon where rushed to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Just hours before the killing, Lennon singed the Double Fantasy ablum for his fan Mark David Chapman, the man who later would kill him.

The killer,Mark David Chapman, who stayed at the crimescene and was reading a book when the police arrived did recived a life sentence, but has been up for parol several times after he spent 20 years in prison. But every time has hees request for parole been denied.

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John Lennon´s killer is deinied parole for the sixth time
Man who murderd John Lennon up for parole again

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Vad hände : Bröderna Djup

Gruppen bestog av bröderna Gunnar, Jonas och Pelle Djup samt deras systerson Ingemar Axelsson.

Genombrottet kom då dom medverkade i programmet Nygammalt med Bosse Larsson och framförde låten ”Vi bor på landet”, under dom kommande åren turnerade gruppen i folkparkerna och slog rekord efter rekord och dom hade under 1980talet kunnat leva som heltidsmusiker, men valde att fortsätta ha musiken som hobby.

1987 omkom Ingemar Axelsson i en drunkningsolycka och bröderna slutade då att uppträda, en tillfällig comeback gjordes 1992 med Leif Henriksson istället för Ingemar Axelsson. Samma år gjorde bröderna sitt sista tv framträdande. 1993 avled Pelle Djup i cancer.

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