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I have been interested to earn money on the Internet, it can make it through a lot of different things, such as advertising on its homepage / blog, market studies, PTC sites, and more.

PTC stands for Paid to Click and means that you get paid to click on advertising and view it in a few seconds and then receive reimbursement, usually a few cents per advertising. I was going to go through those pages I tried.

When to get involved with the PTC, it is best to stay away from some things

* NEVER add any money, If so, use the payments to this, so you have not lost anything.

* Browse the page, and these rules thoroughly before you begin

* Is it too good to be true, it probably also is

* Take the payment when you reached the target, so find out if the page is worth spending time and energy on

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Gagabux on the way to turn SCAM took a giant step towards SCAM when they decied to stop the payouts for standard members and only allow the upgrade members payouts. The reason given is ”to shorten the payout que”. Whell how many persons would they belive to pay for getting paid?
You also have to pay at least $9 by Alertpay or Paypal but you can´t pay buy your own balance.

So would you pay $9 to recive a payout that you don´t even know if you are going to get?

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Categories: PTC   Tags: , , , , turns SCAM? has been sold, before the sale the payout was at $5, now the new owner changed the payout to $15

Could it be a scam?
Let´s wait and se.

I wonder what the scammers wins whit this?

First they buys a site (for a unknown ammout), then they try to scam people whit it. It couldn´t be many that are fooled to buy upgraded at once?

Update 2010-12-04 : is now paying in Euro (€) but you have to invest in order to be able to request payout.

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