Cave hidden 6000 years old vineyard

Archaeologists find ancient record production of wine in Armenia.

In a secluded cave in southern Armenia, an international team of archaeologists digging out the remains of the world’s oldest winery. A tub of grape pressing, a fermentation boxes, multiple storage containers, beverage jugs, pottery sherds with dried wine, pressed grape-seed and withered vine leaves are among the finds, which is koldaterade to be about 6100 years old. Thus, wine production facility significantly older than the previous oldest, a 5150 years old plant, found in an Egyptian king’s tomb.

During the excavation they found including a tank, in which the grapes were pressed.
The cave where the winery now has been found have been shown to contain several important findings. Scientists have been here before digging out the world’s oldest leather shoe – a full 5500 years old moccasin. According to researchers involved in the excavation of the prehistoric winery the grapes were pressed in a basin with high edges, where winemakers probably treading out the juice with their feet. From the pool ran the juice down into a tub of hard-pressed clay, where it was fermenting. When the wine was finished fermenting, it was kept in pots inside the cave, with its dry and cool climate served as a perfect wine cellar.