Chicago 1930

This game has two ways of beeing played, either you play whit the mafia or whit the police.

When playing whit the mafia you play as Jack Berreto, a member of the local mafia and the right hand of Don Carmine Falcone, the goal is to destroy all enimies and take over Chicago, but there are other gangs that will do everything they can to stop you.

If you choose to play as police you will play as Edward Nash, a FBI agent which of course get his assingments from the FBI, and you need to take over Falcone´s territories whitout making him to much aware of whats going on, you will get help from informants, but be carefull they are also enimies, when finishing the game you will find out who is behind the name of the godfather, would you be suprised when you found out?

Game [rating:65/100]