Claues Schenk Von Stauffenberg

In June 1944 Claues Schenk Von Stauffenberg where attemting to kill Adolf Hitler with a bomb, the attempt has gone to history as the 20 juli attempt.

Von Stauffenberg entered the room, placed the bomb along the tableleg, then left the room.
Later Hitler and his general entered the room, after a bit in the meeting a large explosion was heard.
Four persons where killed in the bombing, Stenograf Berger, General Schmundt, Curneal Brandt and General, but Hitler survived.

Already the same night the conspirators where tracked down and arrested.
Von Stauffenberg and a couple of his friend where caught in Berlin, shortly after the capture they where rounded up against a wall and shot.

The history has also become the movie Valkyria where Tom Cruise playes Claues Schenk Von Stauffenberg

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