Costa Concordia The worlds most valuable wreck

The wreck of the capsized luxury liner Costa Concordia could become a enviroment problem, since the ship contains 2300 tonnes of of fuel will leak from the ship, will become a huge problem for the island and the area around.

There has now been discussions on how to save the wrecked ship, first of all the ship will be drained of fuel, then divers will try to repair the damage to the ship and raise it, if that dosen´t work it could be filled whit ballons and tried to raise the ship and tow the ship to the harbour for repairs. If that wouldn´t work there is a suggestion of chopping the ship to pieces and sell it as junk.

The capitan of the ship Francesco Schettino 52, has been released from prison and put in house arrest before the hearing that will take place, aobut the happenings of the Costa Concordia. As of for now the ship risks to sink to 100 meters deep

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