Dutch police under fire over IT Crime

Dutch police have made efforts towards a well-known botnets, however, it did so with their own malicious code. Police charged up its code to them infected datorenra, which means that in practice, should have broken the law, also in several countries.

The programs that were uploaded conducted on the computers to a special page, which the police have created, where users are informed that they become infected and password, and more can be stolen and that the computer is part of a botnet that is estimated to have consisted of around 29 million computers worldwide before surgery.

The computers that ”attacked” were 143 web servers that will be controlled botnet. Supplier Leaseweb must be informed beforehand about the plan. However, the issue of police now have violated no laws and each of these kinds of cases, most countries have regulations that prohibit this type of event. Police have not been notified yet, but chances are seen as very small. The sweep also was arrested as a 27årig man from Armenia on suspicion of running the network, which is also used to gather passwords, send spam. According to information we risk the man up to six years if he disclosed to Holland and convicted.