Earning money whit PTC

Would you be interested in an ”exchange” of ptcsidor, that is to say that i register me under you on a site andyou register under me on a different site, contact me, either via a post on the blog or via targenor (@ ) targenor.se (remove (), so will it work.)

I know what you are thiking about earning money whit PTC sites, that they are all scam and never pays.

But if you follow a few ”rules” there is nothing to loose.

* Is it too good to be true then it certainly is
* Have a payment when you reached the threshold, you’ll see if the page is reliable and worth spending time on.
* Never pay for an upgrade of the account, make a payment and use it if you want to upgrade, so you have not lost any money
* Read as I said through the entire page first.

I use a few PTC sites (it’s easiest, you know where to be, and that you do not get so sick of the clicking). You can run the clicking yourself but at that time will not be getting as much, it’s a big disadvantage. But you do not need to pester your friends that they should join and be active, there are pages where you can meet like-minded and help they can assist you.

These pages are easy to use and usually give serious help, it happens sometimes that the cheaters are trying to grab points, but they are easy to get rid off.

downlinerefs.com , getref.com Ptcreferrals.com and programrefs.com

When using Ptcreferals you will eventually get a page like this http://www.ptcreferrals.com/programs.php?Targenor
However, it is unfortunately the case that not all applications on that page is mine, I only have those program that says ”Targen” or ”Targenor”, I am pretty sure the owner is behind the page has the other accounts shown, it is after all free to use the site. And you’ve simply got a nice page with lots of info about those pages in question which can now be spread where you now want the spread.

I use Neobux, , surepaybux, 888bux Clix-cent is in my four reputable and trusted ptc sites. My special tactics (the example shows Neobux, but it works equally on all sides) is that I click my way up to $ 1 , then I hire three refs for one month to a credit of $ 0.75, I will then a little faster up the $ 1 again and repeat the same thing, when I have done this a few times so I let time pass, for every $ 1 I pass is a new frontier. For example, $ 2.75 to buy refs, that way I never go below $ 2, which is the payment threshold in the first stage. When I reach the $ 3 so I’ll wait until I’m at $ 3.75 to purchase new refs and then I clicked me up to $ 3.75 again, and so it goes all the way until I am satisfied and makes a payment.

Ptc pages can also be used as a traffic source for your blog / website, click together some money and buy the advertiser porcine glands for it. legetimebux.com and Shbux is two pages that does not allow payments, but only to buy advertising space for the money.

Shbux does allow payments, but if you first invest in the site, just like gagaBUX