Easter Eggs in Metal Gear Solid 2

When looking back on the Metal Gear Solid series, the second game is perhaps the best of them all. It contained alot of Easter eggs.

Crazy Codec

When you are watching any codec transmission, just move your analog sticks left and right and the faces of the characters will move. If you press R3 or L3, it will zoom in on the faces. Pressing R1 and R2 while Raiden and Solid Snake has a conversation, you will be able to hear their thoughts. Some of the secret thoughts of other characters could be very amusing.

Controll the projector in the tanker

When playing the Tanker Mission you will have to go through a hold full os U.S Marines, in the 2nd hold you could press the projector button and have the image change screens. Doing this enough times a picture of a woman will be displayed on the screen they are watching.

Hideo Kojima´s dog tag

When you for the first time should enter your name in one of the NOD:s enter Hideo Kojima, if done correctly, His details will be filled out. His bloodtype, birthday, gender and nationallity. It also works whit the name Yoji Shinkawa.

Posters of Metal Gear

In the Shell 1 Core on the B2 Level, if you enter the main aera whit all the computers. On the walls you could see posters, if you look at them they are from the previous Metal Gear games and even other games made by Hideo Kojima and Konami

The shaver

In the beginning of the Plant chapter you can find a razor by jumping over the rail and going into the area whit the Diving suit. When you meet Plisken, you will automaticly give him the shaver. By doing this you will have a clean shaved Solid Snake at the end of the game. If you prefer him whit beard, don´t pick up the shaver.

Vulkan Raven Toy

Those of you that have played Metal Gear Solid may remeber that you fight a characther named Vulcan Raven, when playing the tanker episode you will se a shadow of what appears to be Vulcan Raven. It turns out its just a toy, When you shot at it, it will fire small pellets at you.

Faster grip level up

In order to increase your grip you have to do to 100 pull ups, its more easyy to do drop catches. Its when you drop from one ledge and catch the one below. A drop Catch is the same as ten pull ups.

If you have found more, leave a message, just explore the game and play for fun and not for winning to find out more hidden parts of the game.