The hunt for the gold demanded many humanlifes

Eldorado was the king in a very rich fantasy country, every year the king was powered whit goldstoff and the sailed out on a sea where he dive in to the water and sacrificed rich gifts to the lake.

The story was told for the spanish qoncistador Sebastián de Benalcázar by an indian. and it was acctually true. It had existed such a custom at the muiscatribe and the sea was Laguna de Guatavita. But the Muisca tribe had been defetead by a neigbourtribe and the custom was long gone before the spanish arrived during the 15th century.

But the story remained as the soul during several decades hunt for the gold. But during the years Eldorado changed from being the king to a place.

Where has Eldorado been searched for?

Sebastián de Benalcázar did go on a expedition for the gold along the lake of Guatavita and after him followe many other expiditions that did cost many humanlives, bot of members of the expeditions and the indians that was unlucky enough to live close by. The lake was drowned several times, for example by Alexander Von Humboldt, but the only item found was a smaragd, a couple of cups and a few other items.

Could it bee found?

Besides lake Guatavita other places have been pointed out in the hunt for Eldorado, one of them is Manoa that is mentioned in a book by english Sir Walter Raleigh. But when checking the history completley, Manoa dosen´t exists just as the other places, so that someone finds Eldorado is acctually not even possible.