Emelia Earheart

Emelia Earheart was a female pioneer that become the first woman to fly over the atlantic. But when she started her around the world tour 1937, she dissaperd. It has always been disputed what did happened to her and her navigator Fred Noonan.

On the 2nd of July they reached New Guniea and was going to be guided to the island Howland in the pacific by the American coastguard and their ship Itasca which had a base on the island. But something went wrong, Earheart wasn´t able to hear the ship, while the ship could hear her.

At 08.43 did Itasca recive the last message that said Earheart belived to have reaced Howland. Itasca did send out smokesignals, but couldn´t see the plane. One hour after the last message was recived the search for Earheart started, but after three days and no findings the american navy gave up.

Where has Earheart been searched?

During the years several expeditions have tried to find the plane, but none has come up whit evidence or any findings. Some people belives that Earheart never reached Howland but instead misstoke it for Nikumaroro. On the island have some objects that could have come from Earheart and her plane been found.

Could it be found?

Defently yes. If you find either the plane or remians of Earheart you know where to look. It´s possible to extrakt DNA to get an answer on the riddle.