Emilia Earheart dissaperd during flight

In 1928 Emilia Earheart become the first woman to take part in a flight across the ocean, four years later she flied solo across the atlantic, become famous as the first woman to make it.
In 1937 she was planing to be the first woman to fly around the world. In March She and the navigator Fred Noonan a attempt to fly world around. But on the 2nd of July whit the biggest part of the flight made, the plane dissaperd somewhere around Howland Island in the southwest pacific ocean.

Several theories has been made, that Earheart and Noonan made it to the island Gardner Island (today Nikumaroro) where no one lived.
Another theory is that they would have a job to take photos of Japanese militarypositions and by that beeing caught and executed by the Japanase.
There is also a theory that the accident was caused by Noonans alcoholic problems.

But so far nothing haven´t been proved, no evidence has been found.