Enormous gladiatorial school found in Vienna

Archaeologists who worked outside Vienna have discovered the remains of a school for Roman gladiators – a complex of size can match the training facilities outside the Colosseum in Rome.

The newly discovered plant has facilities never before seen on a Roman gladiator school, such as remnants of a training manikin of wood. Outside the gates, the researchers found what they describe as the first known cemetery for gladiators inside a gladiator school’s framework.
The complex is ”really huge,” said Franz Humor, who is scientific director of the Archaeological Park of Carnuntum, where gladiatorial school has been found, and where much of the old city have been reconstructed.
The finding, made near the river Danube, is ”one of the most interesting I can imagine in my career,” added Franz Humor.
The newly discovered school ”is important,” said Stephen Dyson, University of Buffalo in the U.S., an expert on Roman history and archeology.
”It is the only one of this size and this magnitude is found somewhere in the Roman provinces,” said Stephen Dyson, who has been involved in the discovery.
Although the gladiator school in Carnuntum may not have changed the basic picture of the gladiators, ”is an important addition to what we already know.”
Correlation between gladiator school and the movie ”Gladiator”?
The school has probably been built at the same time as an amphitheater with seating for 13,000 spectators, which is opposite, and which was erected about the year 150, while Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor. The amphitheater was excavated in 1920 – and 1930’s.

We know that Marcus Aurelius has been in Carnuntum, and it is possible that his son Commodus, namesake of the villainous emperor in the movie ”Gladiator” in 2000, saw his first gladiator battles in the city.
”Maybe he got a taste for the bloody sport of Carnuntum,” said Franz Humor. ”We can not prove it – but on the basis of chronology, it would be possible.”
Gladiator School twice as large as IKEA
Archaeologists discovered the school with the help of ground penetrating radar that can see into the ground and create three-dimensional images of buried objects.
The radar revealed an area with underground construction residues around a central courtyard, from small bedroom into a large room with heated floors. Collapsed floors testify cavity for heating under the floors, the researchers say.
In the courtyard there was a mini-amphitheater with spectator and all, where gladiators could practice their skills. Maybe appeared gladiators, most of whom were slaves, for potential buyers, said Franz Humor.
Alongside the Training Centre was a fenced field, campus, who may have been used to wild animals, that would be included in gladiatorial combat, or training of horses – a facility that was previously not found in a gladiator school, said Franz Humor.
The whole complex occupies about 19,000 square feet, nearly twice as much as an average IKEA store.
The main buildings on the gladiator school in Carnuntum points out, however much remains of the famous gladiator schools, excavated in Rome and Pompeii. The similarity has convinced scientists that the discovery of Carnuntum is truly a gladiator school, even though it has not been excavated.