Fly Fishing

Do you, as me, like to do some good fishing?
Have you ever tried fly fishing? No? I promise you that its not hard at all.

First of all you need both fly rods and fly reels, to go fly fishing, you could of course buy the tied flies needed to fly fish, but if you want to save some money there is no problem at all if you tied them yourself. Then you need to find fresh water or salt water to do the actual fishing.

Fly fishing is mostley used to catch trout and salmon, but you could also catch fishes like pike, bass, panfish, grayling and carp, but the main target for fly fishers is trout or salmon.

Fly fishing has root back to the 2nd century, and has been used around the world since then.

If you are fishing for trout, you should know that it is a popular sport and there is several methods to use and many many types of flies to use. The flie stays under the surface about 90 procent of the time, and the trout will at the end come to the surface to try catch some bugs for food, thats where the flie would work perfectly. Flying rods are basically around 1,8 m (6 ft) long when doing freshwater fishing and 4,5 m (15 ft) long for two handed fishing for salmon. The most common fishing rod for salt water is around 2,7 m (9 ft) and weighs around 3-5 ounces, the latest years the rod has become lighter and shorter rods for fishing smaller fishes, when choising rods length and line weights you often have to consider local condition, what type of flies that you are using. When fishing you use the free arm to pull the line from the reel or retrive the line from the water, if you get a fish on the hook, the fisher can use the index finger to pinch the line against the rod and lock it whit the rod tip, and then setting the hook.

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