Found : Diary from a expedition that ended whit Catastroph

Researschers have found a diary from a famous Russian expedition to Arctic, The notes shows that the crew died of starvation after their ship had been frosen in the ice.
Besides the diary researchers also found a pocketwatch and a spoon.

It was on a deserted island north of Russia that researchers have found the remains from the expedition to find a way from Europe to Asia. Among the finding is, as said, a diary written by one of the sailors that 1912 started the expedition whit Captain Georgij Brusilov. Researchers also found a couple of skelletons. It was the ship St.Anna that got stuck in the ice and was drifting for two years while the food storage was empytied, as a last resort 24 sailors left the ship trying to find land, but only two surrvied, untill now it has been a mystery what happened to the them.

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