Found : Landslides revealed massgrave

In Slovenia a massgrave has been found due to the area was struck whit a smaller landslides after floods affected the area.

In the massgrave was the remains of 700 persons found, they are belived to have been killed after the second world war. It´s belived to bee Slovenes that did work whit the Nazis during the war. Ater the war they was executed by a lokal resistancegroup in revenge against the crulty of the Germans. The grave, which is 3 meter wide and 21 meter long contains corpse from both men and women, most of them has their hands tied to their backs.

Mark Strovs has been mapping Slovenian massgraves

Some victims has been shot, others seems to have been killed whit a sharp object probably an axe.

Acording to Strovs, rumors has been circulating in the area about mass executions since the end of the war. The authorities in former Yugoslavia has tried to put the lid on the stories about the revenge attacks after the war, but the discovery of several mass graves in recent years shows that thousands of people were executed.

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