Found : Picasso treasure

A 71 year old man have beome the center of the worlds art intrests, since he have coming forward whit 200 unkown paintings by Pablo Picasso. When experts where examin the paintings their conclusion was that the value ofthe collection could be around 60 million euros, thats around 80 million dollars. The man, Pierre Le Guennec, had been working whit installing alarm systems at some of Picassos residencs, during the last part of Picassos life, he died in 1973.

Acording to Le Guennec, he was offered the paintings as presents, sometimes by Picasso, sometimes by his Wife. The collection contains in total 271 diffrent works. But as soon as the experts had check the paintings and authenticated them, the controversy started and the relatives of Picasso filed a complaint alleging receipt of stolen art.

What would come out of this, remains to bee seen

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