Frederick Fleet

Frederick Fleet was a crewman and survivor from the sinking of R.M.S Titanic in april 1912. Fleet worked as a lookout and was the one who called the bridge to tell them “Iceberg, right ahead!”. If Fleet hade been using binoculars he would have spotted the iceberg earlier.
After surviving the sinking of Titanic Fleet served during World War I and also in World War II, he also served aboard Titanics sister ship Olympic from 1920 to 1935.
In late December of 1964 Fleets wife died, turning Fleet in to depression, and two weeks later he commited suicide by hagning in January 1965. Friends said that he feelt a terrible guilt after the titanic, because he was rescued and so many other wheren´t.
Fleet was burried in a unmarked grave at Hollybrook Cemtery, in 1993 a tombstone whit the Titanic engraving where erected whit donations from the Titanic Historical Soceity.

Frederick Fleet on find a grave

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