French warship has been found in the Mediterranean

On the bottom of the Mediterranean Dutch researchers have found the wreck after the french warship Danton that was sanked during the first world war. The ship is in good condition.
The boat was found by conicidense on the Mediterranean about 35 km southwest of Sardine when researchers where laying out a gaspipe between Algeria and Italy. The 145 meter long boat started its service in 1909 and was one of the most advanced ship. In Mars 1917 Danton left the southern of France heading for Grece where it would be attaching a convoy, but Danton where hit by a torpedo by the german submarine U-64.
Danton stands on the bottom, about 1.000 meters down, canontowers are still intact. Researchers has also found the remains of 296 crewmebers.
So far there is no plans to bring Danton to the surface, but the French goverment want´s to preserve the wreck.

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