Funeral Insurance and Funeral Cover

In Australia, funeral insurance and funeral cover are a type of personal insurance policy which provides a lump sum benefit to your beneficiaries to pay for your funeral costs. Unlike life insurance which has quite a high amount you can insure for, funeral insurance and funeral cover often only have a maximum sum insured for around AU$15,000. Funeral insurance and funeral cover may benefit those with medical conditions and seniors or the elderly who cannot get life insurance coverage. Funeral insurance may also benefit those who are above the maximum age set for life insurance, as funeral insurance acceptance ages are slightly higher than those of life insurance policies. If you are able to, then apply for a life insurance policy which has a ‘funeral advancement benefit’, otherwise funeral insurance may be your best option. Generally speaking, life insurance premiums are usually cheaper than funeral insurance premiums. xLife advisers are experienced in finding appropriate cover for clients, whether it be life insurance with a funeral advancement benefit, or funeral insurance australia, or funeral cover

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