Galilleo Gallile forced his daughters to enter convent.

Galilleo Gallile never married, but he got three children whit Marina Gamba that he meet in Venedig in 1590. He never emitted to be the father of the children, but he didn´t do anything to hide it either.
Virginia, Livia and Vicenzio grew up whit their mother in a house outside Pauda. They couldn´t live whit Gallile whit mout causing a scandal.
Marina come from a poor family, and was not thinkable as wife to a mathproffessor.
When Gallile moved to Florens he took his two daughters whit him, his son stayed whit his mother. Since the daughters where born outside weedlock they couldn´t count whit beeing married. Therefore they where put in a convent outside Flornes where they lived until they died.

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