Go Pro HD Camera

The Go Pro HD Camera is a camera that you can use everywhere, if you are climbing mountains, using your bicycle, surfing, doing other sports or just relax and enjoy the nice weather.

The camera is developed for beeing used by professional photographers, but it still remains at a good consumer price. The camera line is a line of cameras that are werable and is therefore easy to use and you have both hands free.
The developers of theGo Pro Camera could be called Athletic super geeks, which takes part in almost all type of outdoor sports, so you know that the cameras will be tested to the limit.

hero gopro is a high definition camera that is made for you to make movies when you are doing outdoor sporting activitys. The camera is small and compact and the size could remind you of a box of matches. The camera could be attached to a helmet, and its working as long as 60 meters below the surface and is shockproof and is protected against falling rocks and other hazards due to its housing. The camera use a batteri and sd-card, the batteri is loading by usbcable and could make about 2 hours recording. There is five diffrent recordingsettings, if you use 720p could the camera record up to 60 pictures per second which give the possibility to make great slow-motion sequenses. The camera has also a built in microphone which makes very good soundrecording even if you are in high speeds, and there is a couple of attachments to reduce the sound of the vind if you want. The camera could also be used to take stilpictures or to take up to three pictures every time.

Here is a video that shows how the camera could be used and what quality it gets

You could have much fun whit this camera, specially after you learnt do use all functions.

If the camera should brake, there is replacement parts and easy repairs that is needed for a low cost. You could also very easy expand the functions of the camera, by expanding it whit more addons

So why not start to record your activitys today and share them whit your friends? It´s very easy to attach the camera to bike handlebars or seat post, mount on the surfingboard or even or your wrist or chest.

You know that you will get a good working camera, since the developers are using the products themselfs.

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