Google wants to curb the extremism on the net

After the tragedy that occured in Norway on the 22nd of July Google wants to put their foot down and do something about the extrenism on internet.

It was revelead when the suspect was arrested that Internet could have played a major role in the attacks. He would have discussed frequntley on diffrent forums and even published his own manifesto, which described the planings of the attacks and the motives behind, just hours before he started the attacks.

This discussion, Internets role as a breeding ground for extremism has been up to discussion before, but so far nothing has managed to get something done in the case. But now Google wants to do something about it.

The giant searchengine says that they could be able to curb the extremism on the net, but they don´t think that it is the technology that makes the extremists have a fertile ground.

– It is the very substance they are taking part of that change their approach,

says Jared Cohen, director of Google Idea

But the company also does not want to take part of censoring the internet, but instead they aim to make a difference by influencing the search results.

– Mobiles and computers is something that is filled with content. Want to be the credible voices available on the Internet, those who dropped out, those who suffered and those who work against extremism will be dominant

says Jared Cohen.