He was senteced to death, but he was still missing

He was one of the head Nazis, Martin Bormann which together whit Joseph Goebbels endorced Hitlers defence that Germany would make resistance even when it was clear that the Germans would loose the war. During the final fights in Berlin 1945. Bormann disaperd, but was sentcend to death anyway. There was rumors for a long time that he had make it out of Germany and was living in Paraguay. He was declared dead in 1973, then researchers had been researching human remains from the area around Hitlers bunker most likely found the remains of Bormann. But the rumors didn´t´stop there, in 1993 it was reported that he had lived in Paraguay in three years in the 1950´s and that he also had died and was burried there.

But in 1998 a DNA test finally made it clear that the remains found in Berlin belonged to Bormann.

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