Identified : Murdered King´s remains

A mummified head has always been claimed to be the one of Henri IV, he was a Frensh king tthat where stabbed to death by a Catholic fundamentalist for over 400 years ago.

Now the head has been identified using a combination of anthropological, paleopathological, radiological and forensic strategies by a multi-disciplinary team of 20 experts, who report their findings in Christmas issue of the British Medical Journal.

Henri IV was one of France´s most popular monarchs and also known as the Green Gallant for his allure to women, on a greater not Henry IV is credited whit ending the wars between Catholics and Protestants.

But even though he was popular , he was assassinated on May 14th 1610 by a Catholic fanatic Francois Ravaillac who did slash the king twice in the throat while the royal coach was stopped in a traffic congestion, Henri IV was at the time only 57 years old.

Over hundred years after his death, his head was chopped from his body by the revolutionaries and tossed in to a pit along whit other mutilated remains that where dug up from royal graves.

The head then resurfaced in 1919 and was auctioned off and displayed in private collections,

Acording to researchers has the head of Henry IV been positively identified according to the most rigorous arguments of any forensic anthropology examination.

The head of King Henry IV will now be reinterred in the royal basilica of Saint-Denis after a solemn funeral ceremony next year.

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