ISPs will start to chase file sharers

Several U.S. internet service providers have said that they will work with the entertainment industry in a efort to stop illegal file sharing.

The group contains some of the largest ISPs in U.S. They have said in a stamement that they will take a more active role to try to stop copyright infrigmenets. The group include operators such as, Comcast AT & T, Verizon and Time Warner Cable.

They will send a message to customers who uses illegal file sharing or is involved in other types of copyright infringments.

If the customer contiunes whit the copyright infrigments after several warnings, the ISP could limit the speed or totaly block the customer out of Internet.

The group is called the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and said in a statement that piracy costs the entertainment industry hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollar in revenue every year.

The ISPs said that they would not pass the customers personal information to any third party, and that the customers also will have the oppurtunty to dispute the charges if they belive they are innocent.

The american group The Center for Democracy & Technology and Publick Knowledge has expressed their critisim of this project.

We consider it wrong to turn of the users internet acces, even temporary, based on allegations that has not been tested in court , according to The Center for Democracy & Technology and Public Knowledge in a press statement.

The new cooperation is a major victory for the entertainment industry trade body, the RIAA and MPAA, which has long tried to get ISPs to put pressure on illegal file sharing.