Klass of 99

Do you remeber the old game School Daze that where released on C64, Spectrum and many other units? Klass of 99 is a remake of that old classicer, the game is fun and odd (not many games takes part in a school) and are therefore in my taste. In the game you play Eric who are having terrible grades and will be regleated if he dosen´t improve them and whell i must admit it is funnier to skip classes and shot whit your catapult then study, but in this case neither one of them would help. Instead you have to make sure that Eric´s grade dissapers, the only way to do that is to access the computer, but how would you do that when the school secretary Rose is ocupying the computer all the time?

Klass of 99 is freware and can be downloaded from : http://retrospec.sgn.net/users/rjordan/klass/

Game [rating:93/100]

If you want some help, you could se the walkthrough here

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Klass of 99

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