Letter from Titanic up for Auction

For 98 years ago the R.M.S Titanic sank in the Atlantic and many items has been rescued from the wreck and has finally arrived at their destination.

The letter is signed by Laura Francatelli, who was a passenger on the Titanic, she was also a secretary for two of the figures in the history of the oceanliner, Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon.

The letter paints a diffrent portrait of Sir Cosmo then historians have belived before this letter was found.

Sir Cosmo was belived to have paid for a place in a lifeboat, and when the ship sank, the lifeboat (which had both Sir Cosmo and Francatelli) didn´t bother to return to rescue the people that where in need of help.

Acording to the letter Sir Cosmo refued to board a lifeboat and insisted that Lady Duff Cosmo and Francatelli should be put in a lifeboat and leave the sinking ship.

Sir Cosmo did leave the ship only after the officers insisted on it.

In the letter it also says that Sir Cosmo didn´t pay for a place in the lifeboat but out of gratitude for the help and beeing rescued.

It´s belived that the letter is going to be sold for 10,000- 15,000 pounds (110.501 – 165,807 SEK) at the auction of Henry Aldridge and son during the 16th of October