Library in Alexandria

The library in Alexandria where huge, some sources says it contained over 700000 books, the amount may be fabricated but there is no doubt that the library played an important role in the antient life. Important people like Eratosthenes, that dediced the circumference of earth, and Arkimedes who was a famous mathematian is said to have studied there.

The library was destroyed by fire in the year 47 after christ, but probaly was it not destroied completley. It seems that it remained in parts untill it burn again in the year 389 and then seased to exist.

Where has it been searched?

Adventure Stephan Schwartz is claiming to have found remains under the port of Alexandria, but no hard evidence has not yet been given.

Could it be found?

If it would be searched for its best location is to search beneath modern Alexandria, but its doubtfull that something of value could be found.